Pixar's latest movie Cars 2 didn't set any records for its studio in its opening weekend.

It ranked as the company's fifth highest-grossing opening weekend so far with an estimated $68 million.

Estimates were released by Box Office Mojo on Sunday.

Compared to the opening weekends of other movies from Pixar, Cars 2 is behind Up ($68.1 million), Finding Nemo ($70.3 million), The Incredibles (70.5 million) and the studios' top grossing film Toy Story 3 which brought 110.3 million.

Cars 2, however out-grossed the first Cars $60.1 million opening weekend and delivered the fourth highest-grossing June opening weekend according to Box Office Mojo.

Still, the sequel of Cars ranked No.1 this weekend. In second was the comedy Bad Teacher with an estimated 31 million and third the sci-fi movie Green Lantern with an estimated $18.5 million.