Journalist and labor organizer Jonathan Tasini filed a $105 million class action lawsuit against The Huffington Post, a website founded by Arianna Huffington for which Tasini wrote. Now four new plaintiffs have been added to the growing class action lawsuit that claims The Huffington Post's writers deserve to be paid.

Filmmaker Molly Secours, public relations professional Richard Laermer, journalist Billy Altman and writer Tara Dublin have been added to the class action suit, according to Forbes.

Tasini wrote for the website as a blogger from December 2005 until February of this year. He says he ceased blogging for The Huffington Post when it was purchased by AOL.

He also led and won a lawsuit against New York Times Co. Tasini was fighting against newspapers' right to license digital versions of contributions from freelancers.

According to a letter published anonymously by the Business Insider, combined Internet traffic to The Huffington Post and AOL has fallen. But according to data from comScore, which measures web traffic to news websites, The Huffington Post posted 35.6 million unique visitors in May compared to The New York Times' 33.6 million unique visitors. Huffington's increase in visitors is due in large part because AOL is driving traffic to the news website.

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