Playboy is going digitial. Yesterday, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. announced it's new web-based subscription service called The service will allow readers to search and read every issue of Playboy ever published.

From Playboy's first issue featuring Marilyn Monroe in December 1953 to its current issue with Lizzy Jagger, daughter of rock legend Mick jagger, on the cover iPlayboy will feature every photo, interview, centerfold and feature to appear in its pages--totalling over 130,000 pages. iPlayboy will also feature exclusive videos and reccommendations from members of the Playboy Commission, who are leading figures in the art, design, fashion and media worlds.

The site will be updated each month beginning in June and is optimized for the iPad. iPlayboy will cost $8 per month, $60 per year or $100 for two years.