Taylor Corley, the Mississippi State University head Cheerleader who posed for Playboy back in November 2010, was ousted from college cheerleading squad. However, the bare-it-all photos have gotten the cheerleader a head start in the very promising reality TV field.

I am no longer cheering for (Mississippi) State. Me and my coaches decided that it was either Mississippi State cheerleading or my Playboy career. Pretty much the decision was made for me that I was no longer going to be cheering for them, Taylor Corley announced on a Memphis radio show, according to Gather website.

Despite posing under the alias of Taylor Stone, the blond landed in trouble when her classmates, coaches, as well as bloggers recognized her.

Initially, MSU decided against disciplining the freshman.

If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall, Mississippi State vice president of student affairs Dr. Bill Kibler said in a statement released in January 2011.

Later on, due to harsh criticism and pressure from the conservative fractions, MSU had no choice but to give in and let go of Corley.

However, Corley did not have any reason to panic with her cheerleading career coming to an end as it marked the beginning of another chapter in life in the lucrative reality TV business. She was offered a role in a reality show, called 'Girl Swag'.

The show is currently in production

...it's a pilot for MTV and VH1. It follows around four girls and I'm one of them, Corley confirmed.

Interestingly, many young girls have built a reality TV career on Playboy photos. The most popular example would be, of course, that of Kim Kardashian, who shot up to popularity with a risqué Playboy photo shoot, although it followed her sex tape.