After settling a six-year long class action lawsuit in June, Sony has set up a website where owners of its so-called “Fat” PlayStation 3 video game console can claim their share of the settlement. Customers, depending on when they purchased the popular console, could pull down as much as $55, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The suit involved Sony’s OtherOS feature, which allowed PS3 users to portion off part of the console’s hard drive and install popular open-source operating system Linux, and the company’s decision to nix the feature in a software update in April 2010. Customers claimed Sony violated the system’s warranty and accused the Japanese company of false advertising.

Now, after years of litigation, customers who bought the “Fat” PS3, the title given to the original and larger systems compared to later slimmer models, between Nov. 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, are eligible for a piece of the settlement, TechTimes reported.

How much a customer stands to receive from Sony depends on two factors: when they purchased the PS3 and if they actually used the OtherOS feature.

Those who bought the popular console in the proper time frame and used the feature, Consumer Class A, are eligible for $55, while those who didn’t use OtherOS, Consumer Class B, can receive $9.

While many PlayStation users have likely moved on to the PlayStation 4, and it’s latest  iteration, the PlayStation 4 Pro, checking to see if you are eligible for a refund could help toward the purchase of a new system or game. Sony set up the website to file claims. Once there, forms for Consumer Class A and B can be filled out. The deadline to make a claim is Dec. 7.