Microsoft has already released the Xbox One S, a slimmed down and more powerful version of the original Xbox One. On the other hand, Sony has yet to officially announce a slim version of the PlayStation 4, but a set of newly leaked photos may have already exposed it.

A U.K. online auction page (which is now down) has published a set of photos showing what appears to be a PlayStation 4 unit with a slimmer case design. The console itself appears to be thinner and its edges are rounded instead of the squared-off corners of the original PS4, according to Polygon.

PS4 Slim The new PlayStation 4 Slim Photo: Polygon

The console’s box clearly shows Sony’s PS4 logo, and it also says that it has a 500GB hard drive. What remains unclear is whether this is simply a slimmer version of the original PlayStation 4 or it's the upcoming PS4 Neo.

PS4 Slim The PlayStation 4 Slim's packaging. Photo: Polygon

Back in June, Sony confirmed that it was working on a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, codenamed Neo. The company didn’t give out a lot of details about the Neo, but rumors and leaks have suggested that it may well have 4K capabilities thanks to its upgraded hardware.

Based on the photos, there really is no way of telling if this is the PS4 Neo. The only other difference (aside from the redesign) with this console and the original PlayStation 4 is that this unit doesn’t come with an optical port for transmitting digital audio output.

PS4 Slim The PlayStation 4 Slim doesn't have an optical audio port. Photo: Polygon

Perhaps this device is simply the PlayStation 4 Slim since there’s no Neo branding/labelling anywhere. It’s possible that Sony is simply releasing a PS4 Slim to compete against the Xbox One S. The seller has listed the product on the auction site as costing £295 (around US$386), according to Kotaku.

Sony is scheduled to hold an event called PlayStation Meeting in New York City on Sept. 7. The company is expected to unveil the Neo, and it may very well announce the PlayStation 4 Slim at the same event. It’s also possible that Sony could announce a price drop for the original PS4 console, as pointed out by Mashable.