It looks like the rumors are shaping up to be true -- fighting game fanatics are likely to see PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale on the PS Vita. Sony has just registered a domain for the upcoming brawl-out game for the PS Vita.  In the style of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., this fighting game matches up some of the most iconic and recognizable characters from PlayStation's history.

Although Sony hasn't made any official announcements or unveilings concerning a Vita release, evidence is mounting as the company just opened domains for the gaming gadget. Originally spotted by a NeoGaf forum user, the domain is called Divisions of this domain have been created globally, with 19 listings total.

And it seems as if Sony employees aren't trying too hard to keep this quiet. A sound designer for Sony listed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3 and Vita consoles as one of his current projects. The information was obtained from employee Robert Krekel's C.V. on LinkedIn, which was also shared in the NeoGaf forum.

But more important than the game's release date, fans should be more curious about which characters will make it into the Battle Royale. So far it has been confirmed that Sly Cooper, Colonel Radec of Killzone 2, Kratos from God of War, Parappa the Rapper, and Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal will be fighting head-to-head.

Recently, controversy sparked when another classic fighting game crossover launched on the Vita. Some players were angered by a scandal surrounding Street Fighter X Tekken downloadable content. Characters exclusive to the Vita were found in the game's code, which was subsequently unlocked by players on the console versions, according to Gameranx. Capcom has said that it is reanalyzing its DLC strategy, but not because of the on-disc conflict.

The company expressed opinions about the overall fighting genre gaming market, providing a reason for the shortage of Street Fighter X Tekken sales.

We believe one of the causes is cannibalism because of the large number of other games in this genre that were launched within a short time, Capcom said in a statement earlier in May.

But for Sony to truly get ahead in the market with its PS Vita, it will have to release exclusive titles or upgrade the device's software.

The company has got to be concerned about cannibalizing console sales at some point after all, writes Anthony John Agnello of Digital Trends. Why would people buy both systems and both versions of a game when they can only buy one?

Sony is likely to release more information about the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and its other upcoming projects at the E3 developers conference next month.