The PlayStation Network is experiencing yet another outage that began on Wednesday morning and has continued throughout the day.

Some users in Europe and many in North America are coming face to face with an error message that reads, An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (8002A548).
PlayStation tweeted that they were aware people were having issues trying to log in, saying that they were looking into the issue.

Meanwhile PlayStation users have also taken to social media outlets and venting their frustration. You are making us look bad next to Xbox Users, one said. PlayStation Network is down AGAIN? What is this? another Tweet said.

Earlier this year, the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked and was therefore up and down over the course of five days. It also left users nervous about the network being insecure and hackers being able to access their information.

The hackers, considered to be members of the Anonymous hacker group, attacked the Playstation Network, as well as government Web sites in Egypt, Iran, Colombia, and Chile, officials said. They also targeted Spain's Central Election Board on May 18, reported. Sony pledged it would be better on safety following the incident.

It's dramatic but that the lesson we learned from this process is that there are some crazy things going on in the world right now, and in the beginning we were very concerned that we were the focal point for this attack, and it was all about Sony, and what was Sony doing, Tim Schaaf, president of Sony Network Entertainment, said then. But over time, the company learned that a wide variety of sites had been hit, including government institutions and other companies, said Schaaff.

It is rumored that the current problem is due to either routine upgrades or another minor issue, and the network should resume any time. People have already started tweeting that it is back up in some areas; therefore users are urged to try logging in again.