Sony is giving PlayStation Plus subscribers a gift to mark its fifth-year anniversary. The company is emailing them a teaser about a personalized limited edition gift.

Gamer Crowd obtained a copy of the email, which detailed that PS Plus members need to supply their mailing address to get a personalized print. The deadline for submission is July 13. The print will be unique to each PlayStation Plus member, and it will contain everything that the player has achieved while being a subscriber.

Sony did not detail the kind of print, and there have been no other official announcements from the company. 

In other PlayStation Plus news, there is a change in schedule for release in Europe. Usually, the monthly release of the free games for the PS Plus in Europe comes a day after the U.S., reports Videogamer. This was confirmed by Sony’s Fred Dutton.

“As of this month, Plus games go live in both EU and US on the first Tuesday of the month (no longer Wednesday in EU),” said Dutton via the PlayStation Blog.

For July, the free games will be released July 7. This is also the reason why those in the EU have not yet seen their lineup for July. Those in Japan already have fifth-year anniversary titles that can be downloaded for free. Whether the U.S. and Europe will get this anniversary offering is yet to be announced.

While awaiting the new free games in July, fans can check out an ongoing PlayStation store sale. The titles are predominantly Japanese, including “Sword Art Online” and “Final Fantasy.” There also are some “Battlefield Hardline” editions being offered. These deals end July 1.

There are additional deals for the PS4 that end on July 7, in time for the PS Plus monthly lineup launch. The complete list is here.

The PlayStation Plus (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation Access)