September’s lineup of PlayStation Plus games gets even more exciting with the announcement of the first winner of the new Vote to Play promo. The winner is “Grow Home” for the PS4, which took the majority of the votes.

However, the other two titles, “Armello” and “Zombie Vikings,” will still be available for PlayStation Plus members at 30 percent discount. Joining “Grow Home” as free games are “Super Time Force Ultra,” “Xeodrifter” and “Teslagrad.” The former two are actually cross-buys with the PS Vita, while “Teslagrad” is available also on the PS3, according to the PlayStation Blog.

For the PS3, “Twisted Metal,” which features car combats and explosions befitting of the title, is free. PS Vita players can expect the adventure title “La Mulana EX.”

The September 2015 PlayStation Plus lineup of games will be available starting Sept. 1. For players, who want to avail of the 30 percent discount on the runners-up of the Vote to Play promotions, the discount is ongoing from Sept. 1 to Sept. 15.

The games for the PS4 have been expanding, despite Sony’s previous admission that the first-party lineup has been a little less than what the company had expected. This may be due to how Sony may be looking at third-party support for games.

Exclusivity may not necessarily be Sony’s strength for 2015, but it appears that the company is still looking at investing in a number of new IPs, third-party games and even remasters of previous titles.

In an exclusive with Gamingbolt, India PlayStation boss Atindriya Bose stated that so far, the company is looking at a steady flow of games for this year and even 2016.

“The third part strategies are doing very well on the platform so that is encouraging,” Bose said. “I feel that new IPs along with remastered games as support is good enough package for the full year.”

Bose mentioned that the new Ups are bigger and more exciting titles. So far, Bose mentioned three to four titles coming up. While his view and take on the PS4’s state is centered on the Indian market, the report does mention that it is safe to assume that the same would be true for the general market. For the most part, PS4 lineup of games has been the same across countries and territories.

PS Plus September 2015 lineup (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)