A new “Pokémon Sun and Moon” leak shows the two evolved forms of new Pokémon Rockruff. Interestingly, the evolutions are said to be affected by the time of the day, so players can expect that both evolved forms will not show up at the same time.

Just late last week, CoroCoro dropped images of Rockruff’s evolved forms which Serebii quickly picked up and featured on its site. According to the latter, the images from the Japanese magazine suggest that the appearance of Rockruff’s evolved form is determined by day and night.

The two forms are currently called Midday Form and Midnight Form. From these tentative names alone, it is clear that one is bound to be present when the sun is up, while the other comes alive when the glow of the moon envelopes the land.

Midnight Form Evolved Rockruff Midnight Form Photo: CoroCoro

Rockruff goes by its Japanese name Lugarugan in the magazine; the new Pokémon was actually announced a couple of month’s ago, with Comicbook.com reporting that the Rock-type Pokémon was revealed at the time to have a “secret” that sets it apart from other Pokémon.

Describing the appearance of the disparate evolved forms of Rockruff, Comicbook.com stated that the Midday Form has the conventional wolf-like appearance, while the Midnight Form has a bipedal werewolf-like form.

Because its evolved forms differ depending on the time of the day, it is being speculated that they are going to be game-specific. This means that the Midday Form could only be found in “Pokémon Sun” and the Midnight Form is going to be exclusive to “Pokémon Moon.”

Midday Form Evolved Rockruff Midday Form Photo: CoroCoro

The introduction of the different evolved forms of Rockruff is quite interesting, since the Puppy Pokémon appeared to be a typical pooch with a very strong sense of smell when it was initially introduced.

On the “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website, it is explained there how and when Rockruff evolves. Per its official description, Trainers will know if Rockruff is evolving because the Pokémon would howl as the sun goes down. Moreover, when it is time for it to evolve, it leaves its Trainer first and comes back only when it has fully evolved.

Rockruff, as a pre-evolved form, has a special move called Bite, which basically entails the Puppy Pokémon biting its opponent with its sharp teeth. Meanwhile, the special moves of the two evolved forms have yet to be revealed.