It is freezing here in the U.S. as the "polar vortex" with its icy winds now torments nearly 200 million people nationwide. Millions of Americans woke up Tuesday to record lows as they braced for some of the coldest weather the nation has seen in 20 years.

New Yorkers were not spared from this daunting chill as the arctic blast brought lows of 4 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of -11 Fahrenheit. The deep freeze has caused health warnings as experts are describing this winter chill as dangerous and life threatening.

New York has initiated its “Code-Blue” procedure to reach those at the most risk, the homeless. People without shelter are offered access to 24/7 drop-in centers. People are at high risk of frostbite and hypothermia if they do not pay attention to the weather, stay outside for too long or dress inappropriately.

On a national scale there have been 16 deaths reported from to the intense cold brought on by the polar vortex. But just how cold is it here in NYC? Would food freeze if it came into contact with the footpath?

While it is not advised to stand out in the cold today, IBTimesTV wanted to conduct our own little freeze test to see just how cold it really is.

Putting a hot slice of pizza, a cheeseburger, and cracked eggs on the footpath, we waited and watched to see the freeze set in over five minutes.

The results: The pizza was almost frozen, as was the cheeseburger. The most drastic change we saw in that span of five minutes was that there was ice forming in the cracked egg. While it is way below freezing today, the cold snap is supposed to ease toward the end of the week.