A 42-year-old Baton Rouge man was arrested in connection with a bomb threat that shut down and forced the evacuation of the entire Louisiana State University Campus earlier this week.

LSU police and other law enforcement arrested William Bouvay Jr. on Tuesday on suspicion of communicating the false information of a planned bombing, the university released in statement Wednesday. Bouvay is booked in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Bouvay voluntarily agreed to go police for questioning during which he admitted to calling 911 and making the bomb threat. Authorities said he also told the location of the phone used to make the call.

Louisiana State University Police Chief Lawrence Rabalais said “cooperation, assistance and old fashioned police work was instrumental in a quick resolution to this incident.”

An unknown caller dialed the East Baton Rouge Parish 911 Center around 10:32 a.m. Monday, alerting authorities that multiple bombs were on the campus ready to detonate in two hours.

The university reacted swiftly, evacuating the entire campus – home to more than 30,000 students and teachers – and urged people to stay away. Resources from the state, the FBI and others were brought in but no explosives were found after a building-by-building sweep of the entire campus.

Authorities determined the 911 call was made from a deactivated cell phone that was only able to make emergency calls. Investigators had to lock down a GPS location for the call to identify the Skysail Ave. location in Baton Rouge, La., after which Bouvay became a suspect.

LSU is the latest college to face a bomb scare. Last week, schools in Ohio, Texas and North Dakota had similar threat with no explosives found.