A Tennessee woman smothered her twin boys to death after giving birth to them, police said.

Lindsey Lowe, 25, of Hendersonville is being charged with first-degree murder, the Associated Press reported.

Police said Lowe told them she went into labor Monday night. She was at her parents' house and gave birth while sitting on the toilet. She gave birth to the first baby, which fell into the toilet, and smothered it. Soon after, she did the same with the second baby, the AP reported.

Lowe told police that both babies were in the toilet, Channel News 5 reported.

The Hendersonville Police Department received a call Wednesday morning from Lowe's father, Mark. He said he had discovered a dead newborn baby in his daughter's laundry basket, The Tennessean reported.

Police then went to the dentist office where Lowe works and said she agreed to go with them for questioning, The Tennessean reported.

Lowe stated that the baby was crying and Lowe did not want her parents to hear and find out about the child, the affidavit stated. Lowe stated that she put her hand over the child's mouth and she stated that she kept it there until the child was dead, which was a couple of minutes.

Lowe had reportedly hidden her pregnancy and never went to see a doctor about it.

We are all shocked and saddened and pray for her and her family, co-worker Michelle Stainback said, News Channel 5 reported.

City Road Chapel United Methodist Church senior pastor Ron Lowery said he was called by Lowe's parents to come to their house for support, the AP reported.

Police are looking into the father of the two babies, Channel News 5 reported.

Lowe is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 28.