An absent-minded burglar, Shane Jackman, broke into a home early morning on Tuesday only to discover he had left some personal items in the house. Jackman called the homeowner's brother, asking if he could return to the house for an exchange, but was arrested by police.

It's very unusual, Sgt. Kevin Crane of the Bremerton Police Department told KOMO. I've never seen this happen before where a burglar contacts the victim trying to make a deal to exchange things he left behind for some of the items he stole from the victims.

Early Tuesday, the homeowner Travis Forman, awoke to noises coming from inside his home. He pulled out his semiautomatic pistol and yelled into his dark house, Get out of my house. He heard a voice yell back, very politely, Yes, sir, reported KIRO.

Foreman was a former Marine and was prepared to defend his home.

My wife tapped me, hear some noise out in my living room, Foreman said. I grabbed my pistol, came out of the passage way, loaded a round, chambered a round.

Foreman discovered several items were taken from his house. He discovered cars parked near his property were also broken into.

By the time police arrived, the thief was long gone and police dogs could not pick up a scent.

The thief left behind several personal items that allowed police to identify him as Jackman, reported KIRO.

The police attempted to locate Jackman, who had stolen several cellphones that belonged to Foreman and his wife. Jackman called Foreman's brother, who resides in California. He tearfully askedif he could bring the stolen items back in exchange for his belonging he left behind. He did not want any police involvement, reported KIRO.

He says, 'Hey, I got the guy on the line that apparently stole your stuff. He said he's crying, he's distraught and says he wants to give your stuff back,' Foreman said.

The couple told Jackman he could by for an exchange. However, a family ember notified the police to let them know what happened.

When Jackman showed up to make the exchange, he was arrested by the Bremerton Police Department.

We didn't have his stuff, so obviously he just wasn't that smart at that point, Foreman said.

Foreman said that Jackman was very polite throughout the arrest, even apologizing for everything that happened.

Prosecutors said Jackman has a long rap sheet. He faces charges of residential burglary. His bail was set for $100,000.