After a massive explosion at Sushi Park and the Pommes Frites restaurant in New York City Thursday, Twitter users seemed more concerned that the eatery was gone, rather than the dozens are people who were injured. “Pommes Frites” quickly became a top-trending topic on the 140-character social media site, but the reason people were discussing the explosion was apparently more out of selfishness than concern for those who were hurt.

Up to 30 people were injured in the East Village explosion, the New York Post reported. “People were bleeding from the head, the face, their hands. People were running. They were confused, had no idea what just happened,” a witness told the Post. One person was seen climbing down the fire escape.

Two people suffered serious burns and were taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, the Post reported. Another was left unconscious from the blast and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. “I heard a loud explosion, just a very loud vibrating boom….People who were on the sidewalks and even people on the opposite side of the street were hit with debris,” the witness added.

It’s unknown what caused the explosion, but New York Eater surmised it might have been from a gas leak that likely occurred on the first floor of the building. The FDNY was working to put out the flames.

Though the scary blast left people with series injuries, the main concern of Twitterati was that their favorite French fries eatery was no more. Some of their posts have been shared below:

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