Ricky Ponting, the Australian cricket team captain, has admitted that he regrets his argument with umpire Aleem Dar on day two of the Melbourne Ashes test, over a post-review not-out call against Kevin Pietersen.

Ponting who was fined 40% of his match fee over by match referee Ranjan Madugalle, told ABC (Australian Broadcaster), There's no doubt my actions have caused a massive reaction. I understand I overstepped the mark. I realize it didn't look good but the umpires vouched for me. I accepted the fine straight away and now it's about looking forward.

Ponting was charged with Level one of the ICC Code of Conduct after he delayed the game spending more than a minute remonstrating with umpire Aleem Dar before exchanging words with the batsman Kevin Pietersen and the other umpire, New Zealand's Tony Hill.

Level 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct involves arguing or entering into a prolonged discussion with the umpire about his decision.

Ponting, who pleaded guilty to the Level one offence, added, I guess that one flaw in the system is that replays are shown on the big screen and we could see an obvious hotspot mark and I wanted to clarify how the third umpire got to making the decision he made. It was a discussion between me and Aleem (Dar). That is where it started and it went on too long.

I looked at it again on Monday night. Still in my heart and mind he inside edged it and if you look at it properly the hotspot mark wasn't that far away from where the ball was but it's gone now.

A short discussion with the umpires may have been appropriate but I got caught in the heat of the moment. It was a reaction of something I saw on the screen. The only time I've ever been in hot water is when I believe there's something wrong in the game. I not only let myself and my team-mates down but younger people who look up to us as well.