Some guys just can’t handle courtside seats.

Last night’s prime-time NBA on TNT matchup would have been just another midseason matchup if not for the exploits of one bold fan. Viewers expecting detailed courtside analysis from TNT announcers Chris Webber and Kevin Harlan were instead assaulted by the image of a gray-haired man shoving his finger up his nose.

The brazen nose-picker seemed momentarily surprised that his public faux pas was caught on camera, only to embrace the moment with the ultimate “that just happened” wink. The creepy video seems destined to become the standard by which all other social missteps are judged.

At the same time, we can’t knock the guy’s winking abilities. For someone who just picked his nose in the middle of a nationally televised broadcast, the fan seemed quite calm. The fact that he resembles a poor man’s Richard Gere only adds to the image. Besides, last night’s viewers were likely more repulsed by the Knicks’ performance in the 15-point loss than the guy digging for buried treasure.