MANHATAN SUPREME COURT- Portuguese underwear model, Renato Seabra, 21,  accused of castrating his 65 year old fashion journalist companion in January will likely seek an insanity defense, court documents show.

Renato Seabra didn't know what he was doing was wrong, his attorney David Touger said, when he strangled, bludgeoned, and cut off the testicle of his companion Carlos Castro in an effort to get rid of the homosexual demons at the Intercontinental hotel in January.

While Castro lay dying, prosecutors said Seabra showered, put on his clothes and left the hotel.

During the brief court appearance, Seabra sported a cream linen suit and jeans, appearing disconnected. He's a man in prison, Touger said.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon admonished Touger for failing to submit a psychiatric report following the slaying and set June 28th as the deadline for Touger to submit a psychiatric report to prosecutors.