Harry Potter fans have been waiting since last week for the official launch of J.K. Rowling's Pottermore website on Thursday. Just wait for another 3 minutes, the mystery will be solved.

On the Pottermore website, a mysterious message has appeared from J.K. Rowling, which just says, coming soon and signed by Rowling.

But when one clicks on one of the two owls in the frame, the site launches an owl-covered YouTube page with a countdown to a special announcement from the Harry Potter author. It says, The owls are gathering . . . Find out why soon.

A leaked memo that came to the The Times newspaper stated that Pottermore can be an online game that revolves around Harry Potter's universe, where players will follow clues to find hidden treasures in the real world, according to Movieviral.

Other rumors stated that the memo indicates Pottermore could be an online game similar to World of Warcraft, in which players control a character and interact with others in an online world.

It is not known whether the memo is a marketing ploy by the PR company Adam & Eve or leaked by the agency handling the event, Stonehill Salt. However, Stonehill Salt has claimed that the Treasure Hunt document was 'out of date' and that the announcement 'would not relate' to it.

The British press have been very imaginative in their interpretation of the document, which is actually outdated, but I can categorically say the project is not a Treasure Hunt or a game, Rowling's spokeswoman Rebecca Salt said in an email sent to the Technology blog of Los Angeles Times.

Other solutions to the mystery included a Harry Potter encyclopaedia, e-book versions of the novels or a new book. Rowling has not ruled out writing more books set in the Potter universe, but Salt has said Pottermore is a new project and not a new book and it's not directly related to the film.

Rowling has made Potter-related announcements through Harry Potter fan sites and it is believed that she has given some sneak previews of the Thursday's Pottermore project.

The author of Harry Potter series, Rowling will make an official announcement of the Pottermore on Thursday, via YouTube, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in south-west London.

The Harry Potter series have sold about 450 million copies worldwide and spawned a hit movie franchise and a theme park. J.K. Rowling was ranked as one of the richest women in Britain by Forbes magazine, with an estimated $1 billion wealth.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter fans are busy tweeting on the event.

I love how I'm like 'up for Pottermore!' when it's midday & all the Americans on my timeline are up at 4 for this. Feel free to hate me, wrote @bethanna94 Beth Williams.

I am hungry....but I am too scared to leave my computer in case something #pottermore happens early..., said @LetsQuotePotter Harry Potter Quotes.

These last 16 mins of waiting for Pottermore might just kill me! #Pottermore for #Potterheads, said @Prerona230390 Prerona Sanyal.

T-minus 15 minutes until the @pottermore announcement from @jk_rowling!! Are you excited?! (I am, now that my caffeine is kicking in.), said @HPANA Harry Potter News.