Children that have grown up in the 90s' may remember the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, with recollections of tight brightly colored suits, cheesy action scenes, and even cheesier dialogue and villains.

Well now those kids are all grown up, and have long ago ditched their McDonald's Happy Meal action figures for alcohol, sports, college parties and whatever else young adults in their early 20s' are into. But for fans that haven't outgrown their Japanese-based corny crime fighting obsession, there's a place for you.

Former Power Ranger actor Masaru Shishido is opening a tokusatsu bar in Tokyo where clichéd memorabilia and alcohol will unite under one roof, according to Kotaku. The literal translation for the term tokusatsu is special filming, and this usually refers to television shows or movies featuring superheroes and monsters.  The tokusatsu-themed bar will do more than simply pay homage to the Power Rangers series; it will highlight the entire superhero-oriented genre.

Shishido played the role of OhRed, the leader of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. For those English-speaking Power Ranger fans, this means he played the equivalent of the Red Ranger in the Japanese version, which was known as Super Sentai. Footage from this series was localized in the Power Rangers Zeo series that aired in the U.S. in 1996.  

There are lots of regular bars, he said to Tachikawa Keizai Shimbun. I wanted to do a bar done up after my color.

The drinking establishment is clad with posters, signatures, and of course Power Rangers artifacts and goods. Some of these memorabilia items are rare finds, according to Kotaku, but the gamer's guide site also added that everything looks so tacked on, and the bar itself looks so incredibly pedestrian.

Drink prices aren't cheap, but not too high considering Tokyo's standards. A table character runs for $18 in U.S. currency, and $12 for those wishing to stay longer than an hour. The bartenders refer to each other using Japanese names for commander and captain.

Perhaps, if we're lucky, Shishido will don his Ranger uniform and try out some of his former stunts for old time's sake, writes Graeme McMillan of Comics Alliance. Preferably sober, of course, just in case.