Reality TV star Courtney Stodden announced she is pregnant with husband Doug Hutchison’s baby Monday, but the news is “bittersweet.” The blonde bombshell has a famously strained relationship with her mother, Krista Keller, who appeared with her on the “Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.” In an interview with Fish Wrapper, the starlet seemingly insinuated that Keller leaked the baby news to the press.

"I am four weeks along in my pregnancy. It's exciting news for sure, but it's a lot for me to hold at the moment,” she told the news site Tuesday. “This is the time you need love and comfort from your family and friends ... especially from your own mother. The fractured relationship I have with my mom continues to cause me a lot of stress physically and emotionally." 

Stodden, 21, doesn’t specifically say what has led to her stress, but she does add that she didn’t want the baby news be known yet and that her mother is linked with her anxiety.

She echoed a similar sentiment when she confirmed the news to Us Weekly a day earlier. "It's a bittersweet time for me right now,” the teen bride turned mom-to-be said. “I'm dealing with a lot of stress and emotions surrounding life and its ups and downs. Doug and I weren't planning on going public with this so soon. I’m only four weeks along in my pregnancy. But some things are out of your control."

The plus side is that her husband has doted on her since they found out about the pregnancy. "He picks up my coffee beans that I spill on the floor. He picks up my foundation. He picks up my feathers from my big robe that I wear. My high heels are all over. I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband,” she said.

Stodden and Hutchison, 55, have been married since 2011. She was 16 when they wed. During the “Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition,” Stodden accused her mother of trying to seduce her husband.

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