It seems “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian doesn’t need much of a reason to get naked. The reality star will pose nude for a photo shoot to dispel rumors that she is using a prosthetic baby bump during her second pregnancy, Hollywood Life wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday.

Kim, 34, was fat-shamed during her pregnancy with North West but reportedly has made a conscious effort to exercise and eat healthy during pregnancy No. 2.  “She’s been much [stricter] with her diet; she’s not eating nearly as much sugar or junk,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “When she was pregnant with North, she thought all the weight would magically melt off as soon as she gave birth. Now she knows it doesn’t work that way.”

Since she is more comfortable with her body, she is more willing to pose nude the second time around. “She’s planning to do a nude photo shoot before she has the baby,” an insider said.

Her second pregnancy has been different. For one, she’s shared more picture of her burgeoning belly. Most recently, she posted a full body shot to Twitter. “On set yesterday…” she captioned the image. She didn’t say what set she was on. The photo quickly garnered nearly 7,000 favorites and nearly 2,000 shares from her 34 million followers.

The only problem for fans is she might not release the photos to the public. “She’s still on the fence about sharing it with the world,” the source said.

Older sister Kourtney Kardashian, 36, thinks she could go through with the public shoot, but Kim might not be able to be persuaded. “Kourtney is telling her she should just go ahead and do it. Kim hasn’t said it will never happen, which was her attitude when she was pregnant last time, but she hasn’t said yes either,” the source said.

Her first selfie while pregnant this time around, which caused some people to speculate about whether or not her bump was fake, has been shared more than 34,000 times and attracted more than 90,000 likes. Some people thought her stomach looked much bigger in her selfie when compared to a photo that paparazzi shot earlier in the day.

Kim is not offended by the fake baby bump rumors. Instead thinks they’re “hilarious,” Hollywood Life wrote in a different story.

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