A controversial man who is pregnant was interviewed for the first time on the Oprah's Winfrey Show, according to the talk-show host's website.

Thomas, 34, and his wife reside in Oregon and Oprah's show cameras captured the ultrasound, the nursery as well as testimonies from friends.

I'm a person and I have the right to have my own biological child, Beatie said in excerpts from the TV show, adding that bearing a child, is a human desire rather than a female desire.

Several people expected the news to be part of April's fool joke tradition; however the interview was publically announced as an exclusive from Oprah Show and People Magazine.

Beatie was born a female but became transsexual through surgery and testosterone therapy. On March he told the pro-homosexual magazine, The Advocate, that he is pregnant and is carrying a child for his wife and himself.

Beatie said he has his original women's reproductive organs which allowed him to conceive the child by artificial insemination.

He is carrying the baby instead of his wife Nancy wasn't able to conceive because she had a hysterectomy before, as shown by more excerpts from Oprah's show.

The couple is expecting the new born in July 2008 and marks the first case of a pregnant man ever.