With rapidly changing advancements in technology, digital culture has been hit with a disruptive assortment of obstacles. From piracy to an ever-growing abundance of digital art, the digital era is rapidly evolving, leaving behind those who refuse to accept these transformations. However where there is fear, there is hope; where there is doubt, there are possibilities.

Press Pause Play, a documentary by David Dworsky and Victor Köhler, explores the issues of mass creativity, an expansive artist community, and the birth of a digital era. The film premiered at SXSW in March, and is currently showing at the Santa Cruz Film Festival.

Dworsky and Köhler realized that the same technology that was spawning artistic creativity was also thwarting old business models, creating an, at times, unwelcomed democratized media culture. Rather than simply pontificating the social implications that a digital era will inevitably incur, the directors created a film that they believe will inspire people to think about the possibilities that such an era provides.

Understanding that there was a 'dichotomy where emerging artists could create with the same technology that allowed pirating,' the directors decided to embrace the cultural explosion. In order to do so, they brought on board a diverse and experienced cast that tackles the topics of this new culture where anyone can essentially become an artist, a filmmaker, a photographer, a musician -- a creator.

The cast includes Scott Belsky (CEO & founder of Behance), Seth Godin, (author of the perennial bestseller,Tribes,) Sean Parker of Napster, Moby, Lykke Li (singer/songwriter,) and music journalist, Christopher Weingarten, amongst others.

The creative world was always segmented by who you knew, and who happened to know somebody that you know - there was too much happening by circumstance. And that is what's unique and new about it now... Incredible talent can work on their own, can represent themselves, can develop their own careers. They don't have to work at an agency anymore. They can really build their own enterprise - their own brand. - From the documentary PressPausePlay

The film will be screening at OFFF Barcelona from June 9-11. 

To learn more about the film, check out the PressPausePlay website. 

Listen to a podcast with David Dworsky and Victor Köhler here