“Pretty Little Liars” fans found out on the finale of the fall season that Toby was on the “A team” right after he had gotten serious with Spencer.

It was widely assumed that Toby was on the “A Team” when he was shown walking away with a black hood over his head after getting into an altercation with some of the other characters.

Fans were shocked and disheartened to find out that one of their favorite “PLL” was a part of the disdained “A Team.”

Toby had finally convinced Spencer to take their relationship to the next level, making “PLL” fans across the nation swoon simultaneously, and then broke their hearts with the revelation during the fall finale.

But just as “Little Liars” got some answers about the whereabouts of Mona and Meredith, questions revolving Toby began to unravel.

Twitter users took to the mini blogosphere to share their frustration and confusion over Toby:

@AshBenzo wrote, “oh toby.....how you frustrate me.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

@AndySwift linked “PLL” Toby to the Kevin Garnett-Carmelo Anthony fight:

“Why is Honey Nut Cheerios trending? Is it because of #PLL? Did Toby eat some in the hot tub and I missed it?”

@crannarrys wrote about the “Pretty Little Liars” character, “i dont care if toby is a he's hot and spicy thats all that matters”

@ToubaTarique said, “Omg i really dont like seeing toby evil :(“

Many “Little Liars” focused on the scene where Toby was in the bathtub:

@ama_leap said about the scene, “I swear Toby was about to kill spencer in the hottub.”

@djimenez249 listed the best parts of the episode, “Ok so the best parts of that episode were 3) When Hannas grandma sings 2)The innocent fat guy falling off the bike 1)SHIRTLESS TOBY OBVI.”

@LittleSoreo definitely thought Toby wanted to kill Spencer in Tuesday night’s episode, “Toby wanted to get it in with Spencer during the hot tub part.. You could totally tell.”

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