“Pretty Little Liars” continued its fourth season on Tuesday with episode two, “Turn Of The Shoe.” Find out what “A” had in store for Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Mona this week.

After being missing for a few weeks, Hanna’s mom, Ashley, finally returns home. But while she was supposedly in New York for a banking conference, her actions are making Hanna suspicious. Hanna becomes certain that her mother is lying to her when she finds her mud-covered heels in a laundry bag.

Ashley isn’t the only one acting suspicious. The girls are still very wary about Mona. In order to test her, they demand that she take them to the RV. “Pretty Little Liars” fans will remember that the RV is no longer where Mona left it, thanks to Toby.

Unaware that Toby was forced by “A” to move the RV, the girls believe Mona is still working with the enemy. But a little suspicion around Mona drops when a masked person jumps up behind her in her car and begins to strangle her. Able to escape her car, the masked person jumps behind the wheel and drives straight for Mona, Emily and Aria. The girls manage to avoid getting hit, thanks to Emily, who pushes them out of the way, but she falls hard onto a rock and bruises her arm.

The girls get back to their normal routine, but tension is high. Hanna spots Shana eating outside and confronts her about her involvement with Wilden and Jenna. Shana obviously denies knowing anything.

Meanwhile Spencer is having a bit of a breakdown when she gets a rejection letter from the University of Pennsylvania. She confides in Mr. Fitz, and he promises to help her work on her admissions essay. It’s there that he finds the problem. Spencer’s essay dives into the death of her friend, being bullied in school and her eventual mental breakdown that resulted in her admittance into Radley. He tells Spencer that colleges don’t want to worry about a new student’s emotional state, but what Spencer doesn’t tell him that if she doesn’t reveal it … “A” will.

Spencer’s rejection isn’t the only thing haunting her. There is also trouble in paradise for Spoby. Acting suspicious when he learns of the attack on Mona, he later returns to Spencer’s to let her know that it was he who stole the RV. Upset that he handed “A” such a large clue that could have held their tormentor's identity, she quiets when she learns why – information on his mother.

In exchange for the RV, “A” gave Toby the transcript from his mom’s doctor at Radley on the night she killed herself. The transcripts reveal that Toby’s mom was trying to turn around and get back to life with her family. But a few hours later she stole a key to open a window and jumped. While Spencer tries to tell him that sometimes people just say things, Toby argues that it just doesn’t make sense. 

Like Spencer and Toby, Aria has her own relationship drama – trying to get over Ezra. Between the breakup and watching Mona be attacked by one of “A’s” minions, Aria decides to do something for herself and enroll in a private karate class. Bonus – the teacher, Jake, is smoking hot.

Acting very jumpy, Jake asks if Aria decided to learn to defend herself because she was being threatened. She explains that she just has a lot on her plate since breaking up with her boyfriend, and Jake then thinks that Aria’s afraid of her ex. Reassuring him that she’s not, they continue their class and end on a surprising note – a kiss!

Embarrassed and confused that she made a move on her karate teacher, Aria drives off … only to find Mona outside the police station talking to an officer. Picking her up, Aria asks what Mona was thinking talking to the police in broad daylight with “A” potentially watching. But Mona tells her that it was worth it because she overheard some information on Detective Wilden’s death. The FBI supposedly found Wilden’s footprint by the lake … along with heel prints, “the kind Alison liked to wear.” Aria doesn’t think anything of the last part, but Hanna becomes upset over the heel clue when she thinks back to her mom’s mud-covered shoes.

Meanwhile, Emily is struggling with her injury with the big meet coming up and decides to take some painkillers before jumping in the water. On top of the pain Emily has to deal with Shana, who tells her that Stanford only has one spot left on the swim team.

After she dives into the water, the painkillers cause Emily to lose count, and she swims into the wall, cutting herself and getting knocked out. Lying to the medics and telling them that she fell off her bike, Emily is forced to tell Paige the truth about “A.”

And Emily and Paige aren’t the only couple having a talk. Aria gets a surprise visit at her door from her karate teacher, Jake. Fearing that Aria won’t show up for her lesson, Jake tells her that he’s interested and would like to take her out if she doesn’t have a problem with the whole teacher-student relationship. (We all know she doesn’t.)

With all the drama that enfolded, the big-jaw dropper of the evening comes courtesy of Mrs. DiLaurentis. In a flashback, “Pretty Little Liars” viewers learn that right before Alison’s death she asked her mother if she could stay at their Cape May rental with Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. Initially saying no, Alison pulled a trick that got her anything she wanted – holding her breath until her mother gave in.

Mrs. DiLaurentis told the story to Hanna, who revealed to her that Alison never invited them down that summer. Mrs. DiLaurentis said that she had a feeling that Alison was hanging out with an older crowd when she found beer cans.

The flashback wasn’t the only thing Mrs. DiLaurentis revealed. She also handed Hanna her mother-in-law’s bird – a bird that Alison had shared a room with when she stayed at her grandmother's.

Initially just thinking the bird to be annoying with all its chatter, the bird actually spit out some pretty interesting information – a person named “board shorts” that Alison was seeing the summer she died, and a phone number that Alison constantly called.

Spencer was able to figure out the phone number, but when they called no one answered. Thinking that Spencer got it wrong, Hanna and Aria go to record the bird, but when they get to the cage the door is open and so is the bedroom window. A separate shot shows that “A” now has the bird.

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