Warning: Spoilers Ahead

“Pretty Little Liars” fans on Team Ezria witnessed quite a jaw-dropper in the season four premiere. At the end of season three, Aria was forced to call off her relationship with Ezra so he could get a teaching job at Rosewood High School again. She promised the assistant principal that nothing serious ever happened after her former teacher left the school, but Aria’s nerves over the situation were put to the test in episode one, “A is For A-l-i-v-e.”

For those who missed the season four premiere, Aria was being watched closely by the assistant principal as Ezra began teaching. Called down to the assistant principal’s office, she was confronted about lying to him about their former relationship. The assistant principal pulled out a stack of photos taken of Aria and Ezra during a steamy hookup and claimed that they were sent to him by a concerned student. A frightened and upset Aria ran from the principal’s office when she was told that her parents were on their way down and that Ezra was being arrested for sleeping with a student … fortunately it turned out to just be a bad daydream!

While Ezra is currently in the clear, Aria’s daydream (and “A”) made her reconsider her relationship with him. She ended the episode by texting him that she would like to start seeing other people, and in episode two we’ll see her start to work toward that.

In a sneak peek video of “Turn Of The Shoe,” Aria is taking a martial arts class with a potential love interest, newcomer Jake (Ryan Guzman). Next week the pair will get physically close when he sidles up next to her to work on her form. She immediately stiffens and he catches onto her discomfort. “Aria, this relationship doesn’t work unless there is a level of trust between us,” Jake tells her. “Do you trust me?” Looking close to tears, Aria responds that she doesn’t really know him, but Jake doesn’t take that as a suitable answer. “I’m not a scary ball of paranoia,” Aria fires back at him, packing up her things. “I just got a lot of stuff going on. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and I…” But before she can finish her thoughts she’s interrupted by Jake, who asks protectively if her ex-boyfriend is the one she’s afraid of.

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek video of Aria and Jake in episode two of “Pretty Little Liars.”]

How do we know for certain that Jake has potential to steal Aria’s heart? “Pretty Little Liars” writer Maya Goldsmith told fans back in March! “True love gets tested,” she posted on Twitter, along with a photo of Aria and Jake. “Sometimes in the guise of a hot karate instructor named Jake ;).”

If Goldsmith’s tweet wasn’t enough to shake Ezria fans up, then another March tweet from fellow “Pretty Little Liars” writer Bryan Holdman should do the trick. “@Team Ezria I meant if you love Ezria you’ll hate Jake. It’s in your nature. Even if he is dreamy…”

You can catch episode two of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, June 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. Let us know what you think about the potential Aria and Jake (Arake? Jaria?) relationship in the comments section.