“Pretty Little Liars” returned Tuesday with its season four premiere, “A Is For A-l-i-v-e.” The episode picked up where season three ended – with the girls discovering something gruesome in the trunk of Detective Wilden’s car.

For those who don’t remember, Hanna and Aria had pushed Detective Wilden’s police car into the lake after Ashley hit him with her car. The cop car then reappeared on the street from its watery grave, and the girls found it after they returned to Rosewood after the lodge fire. Approaching the vehicle, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Mona watched as the video in the car replayed the night that Ashley hit Wilden. It was then that they saw exactly what happened to the police officer after he was struck – he was helped by Shana and Jenna.

When the girls walked around to the back of the car they found that the trunk was unlocked, and when they opened it they found --- a dead pig!

While that was definitely gruesome, what the gang discovered the next day that was worse. Cops finally discovered the waterlogged police car, but there was an addition to the scene of the crime … a body … that was human, not pig.

So, who ended up dead in Rosewood? Detective Wilden!

What we know so far is that the officer was shot multiple times between 10 p.m. and midnight the night of the lodge fire. His body was moved to the location by the car where police found him.

The girls obviously think that “A” is trying to set them up for his murder, and with good reason. When they first discovered the car the night before they had all (including Mona) received a text from “A” that read, “You’re mine now.”

Who really killed Detective Wilden is currently a mystery, but things are definitely not looking good for Melissa. Mona revealed to the girls that on the night of the Halloween train there was not one but two Queen of Hearts. One of the Queen of Hearts was Wilden, and the other one was Melissa.

Check out some other big developments from season four, episode one:

- Mona took the video of Ashley hitting Wilden outside of the car before the cops came.

- The girls don’t trust Mona.

- Mona revealed that she put Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage, but never pulled it out of the lake.

- Mona believes that Shana may be in love with Jenna, and knows that both of them fear Melissa.

- Mona explained that she wasn’t the one that pushed Ian off the bell tower.

- A firefighter found a red coat in the rubble at the lodge, but when Toby went back to look for the coat it was gone.

- The girls go to Mona’s trailer to check out what she has on “A” and they discover a group of young girls playing with dolls. The young girls say that Alison gave them the dolls and that they’re named Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Mona.

- Mrs. DiLaurentis moved back into her old house.

- Emily brings in boxes of Alison’s old things. In Alison’s old bedroom is a poster about twin girls.

- Mrs. DiLaurentis revealed that Jason is currently living down south with his grandmother.

- Toby received a text from “A” that says they bet he misses his mother every day.

- Aria has a daydream that Ezra goes to jail after the school finds out that they slept together.

- “A” threatens the girls that evidence against them is in Wilden’s casket.

- Spencer and Mona find Wilden’s cell phone in his pocket in his pocket in the casket. Stored in the phone is someone named “Kisses,” and “Kisses” turns out to be Hanna’s mother.

- Toby steals Mona’s trailer because “A” promised to tell him how his mother died.

- A flashback revealed that Ali and Toby almost kissed but were interrupted by his mom. Something appeared to be off about her.

- The girls go to Wilden’s funeral and see a black-lace-covered woman. They can’t make out the face.

- Outside the funeral the girls meet Officer Holbrook, a self-described “good guy.” He tells the girls that Wilden’s behavior with them was unprofessional “at best.”

- The girls receive one last text outside the church: “Truth won’t set you free, b*****s. I’m going to bury you with it.” After the text Emily receives a video showing the girls next to the cop car the night Wilden was found dead.

- Episode one concludes with “A” getting into the trailer. It’s revealed that “A” was the masked woman at Wilden’s funeral.