“Pretty Little Liars” may be on break until Jan. 7, but that doesn’t mean things in Rosewood are calm. A new promo video for the season 4B premiere has leaked online and it appears as if none of the girls are in good shape.

The 4B premiere, entitled “Who’s In The Box?” will find the girls continuing to try to put the pieces together of Alison’s mysterious disappearance and reappearance. Their investigation leads Hanna to hone in on one important aspect – who is really buried in Alison’s grave? But as they struggle to answer that mystery question, Emily will be alone and having trouble “dealing with how she feels about Alison being alive.”

As the girls juggle everything on their plate, Caleb will return to Rosewood, and Ezra will hold a secret meeting with Mona and Aria.

“I want to come home,” Alison can be seen telling the girls in the new promo video. “But you have to help me.”

Hanna seems to be pouring her whole heart into finding out who was buried in Alison’s place, but a visit from Caleb may turn everything around. “I thought I’d go crazy missing you,” he tells her as they happily embrace. But their joyous reunion will take a turn by the end of the premiere. A clip in the promo shows Hanna demanding that Caleb tell her what happened … presumably in Ravenswood.

Other highlights from the new promo video for “Who’s In The Box?” shows Emily covering Alison’s face in a photo, Spencer pulling away from Toby, and Aria keeping a watchful eye on someone from out her window.

“New truth. New enemy. New year,” teased a promo photo for season 4B of “Pretty Little Liars.”  Are you ready for the Rosewood drama to start back up? Episode 14 airs on ABC Family on Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. Post your thoughts on the upcoming episode in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

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