“Pretty Little Liars” fans still have a couple of weeks until the ABC Family series returns for 4B, but fans can satisfy their Rosewood fix with a new sneak peek video from the Jan. 7 episode, “Who’s in the Box?”

Viewers will remember that Alison was revealed to be alive during the Halloween episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” While Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily were happy to discover that their friend was not dead, her presence opened the door for many more questions, like, who is buried in Alison’s grave?

Released by E! Online, the sneak peek video for the winter premiere previews the games that “A” will be playing with them now that Alison is somewhat out in the open.

In the video, Hanna gathers Emily and Spencer in an empty classroom to show them some dirt she dug up on who could possibly be in Alison’s grave. Pulling out her laptop, Hanna explains that she found a girl in a nearby town called Cortland named Sara Harvey – and she pretty much fits the bill for Alison.

Sarah Harvey went missing the same time Alison did, has the same hair color and is the same age.

“Her parents think she ran off with a boy,” Hanna tells Emily and Spencer as they look over the “Help Find Sara” website.

But that isn’t enough of a coincidence for Emily and Spencer to jump on board with Hanna’s discovery.

“Why did you pick this girl?” Emily asks.

“Well, I narrowed it down,” Hanna says, getting defensive. “I mean she is sort of Ali’s size. The timing is right and it’s not too far away.

“I don’t remember Ali saying anything about Cortland,” Spencer pushes … but then again, Alison didn’t tell the girls a lot of things.

In order to get more information on Sara Harvey, Hanna went ahead and contacted her friends. “I said that we have some things in common and we should talk,” she explains of her email contact. “It could be like a support group thing.”

But before the girls can say much more, the movie screen in the room turns on and begins showing an old movie … that has been altered by “A.” On a chalkboard in the movie is the following message:

“Ali, Ali, Oxen-free. Whoever finds her gets to keep her. Kisses – A”

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek video of "Who's in the Box?" on E! Online.]

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