The drama isn’t slowing down in season four of “Pretty Little Liars.” The episode six description has leaked online and it appears that Hanna should have been worrying more about herself than her mother.

According to the synopsis posted on, Hanna will get into some “hot water” with the police AND her parents in “Under The Gun.” For the past few episodes, Ashley has been looking like a suspect in Detective Wilden’s murder. Her case wasn’t helped when Hanna’s father revealed to Caleb that Ashley went to visit him … and potentially walked off with the gun he kept locked in his office desk drawer.

In episode six, Hanna will be found with “something she shouldn’t have.” While the something remains a mystery, it could easily be the computer chip from the cop car, Ashley’s mud-covered shoes or possibly even her dad’s missing gun.

Emily will try to help Hanna out, but with “A” watching everyone’s moves, she ends up having the tables turned on her. And the drama around Wilden’s murder isn’t the only trouble plaguing the Liars. The “Under The Gun” episode description reveals that Mona will spill one of Spencer’s secrets to Hanna, Aria and Emily. Could it be that she was rejected from the only college she applied to? Or did Mona discover that Toby was behind the missing RV?

Aria will have her own problems as one of her brother’s friends gets “the wrong impression of her.” Shana will be “popping up in the most unusual places,” and Spencer will be going on a mini road trip – to Ravenswood!

The spooky town by Rosewood is the center of a new spinoff series for ABC Family, and Spencer will reportedly be visiting there as she continues to investigate the mysterious phone number that Alison’s bird was singing.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans can catch episode six, “Under The Gun,” when it airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, July 16 at 8 p.m.