Things are heating up in Rosewood in season four of “Pretty Little Liars.” A synopsis of episode four, “Face Time,” has leaked online, and “A” appears to have the Liars right where she wants them.

The episode description, posted at SpoilerTV, reveals that the police are pretty suspicious of the girls’ involvement in the death of Det. Darren Wilden. But while they may be innocent of murdering him, “A” has a pretty incriminating video that shows them at the scene of the crime the night before.

In the season four premiere, viewers were introduced to Police Officer Gabriel Holbrook. This week, we’ll be meeting his partner, Lt. Tanner, and it seems like the pair might be opposites. Holbrook initially came off as sincere, yet wanting to discover the truth. In contrast, his partner will “intensify their investigation into the Liars,” digging deeper into their connection to Wilden’s death.

Another game changer for the Liars besides more police activity? More parental involvement! In episode two this season, fans watched as “A” tried to frame Hanna’s mom, Ashley, for Wilden’s death -- and Ashley began to look like a legitimate suspect. In episode four, however, Ashley could potentially be getting a break. In “Face Time,” the parents coming under scrutiny thanks to “A” are Emily’s. No word on what sort of “A” manipulation they’ve found themselves in, though.

“Pretty Little Liars” viewers can also look forward to some relationship drama. Hanna will be resisting help from Caleb during her latest crisis, and Toby will keep on alienating Spencer by finding a new source of information about his mother’s death. But, just like most of the secrets in Rosewood, Toby’s new information will only lead to more questions.

As for those hoping for some good Ezra scenes, you’re in luck because Aria will have “an uncomfortable encounter while out with Jake,” and rumor has it that the uncomfortable encounter is none other than her teacher and former lover, Mr. Fitz!

What are you excited to see in episode four, “Face Time?” Catch it when it airs on ABC Family on July 2 at 8 p.m. EDT.