“Pretty Little Liars” returned Tuesday with the season 4B winter premiere … and things got intense pretty quickly.

Episode 14, “Who’s In The Box?” kicked off shortly after the girls came face to face with Alison. But the reunion didn’t leave Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna happy. In fact, it left them seriously confused. And who can blame them?! Alison wasn’t the most innocent teen, and the Liars now suspect that their blonde friend could be behind “A’s” torture.

Whatever their feelings may be, the girls realize that in order to get to the bottom of Alison’s mysterious disappearance they must start doing some investigating – like finding out who’s really in Alison’s grave. Hanna comes up with the idea to look into teens who went missing around the same time as Ali, and comes across a girl named Sara Harvey. Sara fits Alison’s description and used to live not too far from Rosewood. To dig deeper, Hanna decides to contact Sara’s friends and stage a “support group thing.” But before they can meet with Sara’s friends, “A” warns that whoever gets to Alison first … gets to keep her.

Hanna and Emily meet with two of Sara’s friends, Tina and Clare. The girls tell Hanna and Emily a similar tale about Sara – how she was the light that drew them all together and that they felt like she “picked” them. But it wasn’t just Sara, Tina and Clare. They also had a fourth friend in their group named Avery who couldn’t meet with them.

According to Tina and Clare, Avery was the last one to see Sara. And if they are correct, the last time that Avery saw Sara was the day after Labor Day … which means that Sara couldn’t possibly be buried in Alison’s place.

While Hanna tries to figure out the next course of action, she gets a surprise when Mrs. DiLaurentis pays her mom a visit. Having difficulty obtaining a job after being accused of murdering Detective Wilden, Mrs. DiLaurentis offers Ashley a job at her real estate office. Hanna thanks Mrs. DiLaurentis and Ali’s mom drops a bombshell – Alison suggested that she offer Ashley a job. Mrs. DiLaurentis explained to Hanna that Ali showed up in her dreams and asked her to help Hanna and Ashley out. 

As the foursome struggle with non-stop Alison drama, Mona does what all “Pretty Little Liars” fans were hoping for and confronts Ezra. While she doesn’t come right out and accuse him of being “A,” she does hint at it.

“Your reading list is very revealing if you know what to look for,” she tells him over a cup of coffee.

Asking Mona what she wants, she replies, “What did the Count of Monte Cristo want?”  “You want that much revenge?” he asks Mona. But then he turns the tables on her. “Fear is the number one motivator at Rosewood,” he explains. “You dumped all that and that makes you special … and vulnerable.”

Ezra then practically threatens Mona, warning her that having no fear can lead to her making mistakes … like how far she can push someone before they push back. Looking her dead in the eye, Mona practically sprints from the chair she was sitting in.

Meanwhile, the premiere was also the episode of long-lost boyfriends. Toby returned to Rosewood and with the help of Spencer succeeded in getting the documents regarding his mother’s death changed. But when Spencer’s dad finds out, he takes things to the next level – working on getting Radley shut down for good.

Caleb also showed back up in town, but not for good. While Haleb initially appeared to be doing fine, their relationship became strained when all Caleb could tell Hanna about Ravenswood is that things are “complicated.” Eventually dropping the bombshell that he has to leave again, Hanna confronted him about Miranda. And even though he didn’t explain that Miranda died, he also didn’t do anything to dispel her thoughts. A lot of tears later, Caleb promised Hanna that he would never forget her and left to return to Ravenswood.

As for Ezria? Even though Aria is supposedly seeing Jake, she gives Ezra a call and asks him to take her “someplace.” That “someplace” turns out to be a cabin that Ezra is borrowing from a friend. Asking Ezra what he wants, Ezra tells her that he wants a time machine so that he could go back and undo all their mistakes. Obviously making the moves on his ex, Ezra offers Aria a key to the cabin and the pair embrace in a steamy kiss that ended with her staying the night. But while Aria looks out of the cabin window pondering all the drama in her life, Ezra eyes a hidden door on the floor of the cabin.

The episode ended with Sara’s friend Clare visiting Emily at the coffee shop and revealing that Sara was more like Alison than we thought. “Everything she gave you, she took two things away,” she explains before telling Emily that she’s jealous that Alison is dead, is tired of being Sara’s friend and wished that Sara was dead before she disappeared.

Clare’s reveal allows Emily to finally start saying goodbye to Alison, realizing that her friend never loved or cared about any of them. And Hanna proves that when she whips out Alison’s journal that she stole from “A’s” lair … and explains that she kept it a secret because of the content. “Because of what she said about us … all of us.”