The Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” is quickly approaching, and the questions regarding Alison and “A” are piling up. Did Spencer play a deadly role that September evening? And has Mrs. DiLaurentis been torturing the girls as “A?” Episode 23, “Unbridled,” explored Spencer’s drug-hazed past, Mrs. DiLaurentis’ sketchy behavior, and welcomed back a couple of familiar faces to the ABC Family series.

The episode kicked off with Spencer running through the woods in a wedding dress. But there is a lot more to how she got there in the first place.

48 Hours Ago


With Ezra’s book research naming Mrs. DiLaurentis as an “A” suspect, the girls are now struggling with that new information. And while Spencer believes that Mrs. DiLaurentis is up to no good, some of the other girls doubt her involvement. But something odd is definitely going on with Alison’s mom – and it just so happens to coincide with the return of Jason.

Spencer’s desperate to talk to Jason after his stint in rehab, but Jason doesn’t seem to want to do the same – going out of his way to avoid her in town. But Spencer is not one to give up easily. Attempting to drive after him with Emily, Spencer hits a roadblock when she discovers a series of photo booth pictures that feature a girl with her face scratched out and a note from “A.” “You know me, Spencer,” reads the note. “You killed me.”

The note has Spencer even more riled up since her parents won’t help her fill in the holes she has about the summer that Alison disappeared. Fortunately Spencer has a new support – Dean. After finding Spencer trying to sleep on the couch, Dean confronts her about her fears, and Spencer confesses that she’s afraid of what her parents aren’t telling her. But Dean’s help has an expiration date when Mrs. Hastings finds him asleep next to Spencer and fires him for acting unprofessionally.


Despite her showdown with Ezra in episode 22, Aria is still struggling with her breakup. And her change in attitude is so obvious that her mother has caught on – because she’s back in town from Vienna.

Aria’s mom tries to have a heart-to-heart with her but is interrupted by repeated phone calls from her boyfriend, Zack. Aria tells her mom to take the call, but then has a complete meltdown when she returns. “Your kids live in this country,” she yells at her mother before storming off.


Emily is reeling after finding out that Paige went to the police about Alison. Finally getting to talk to her girlfriend about her betrayal, Paige argues that she did it to protect Emily. But Emily argues that it’s Alison that needs the protection, and Paige disagrees.


Hanna sacrificed her date with Travis in episode 22 in order to help her friend, and now it looks like she blew it with him. She asks for a do-over date, but Travis tells her that he’s busy and walks away.

The Wedding Fashion Show

Mrs. DiLaurentis is planning a charity event at her house with the help of Hanna’s mother when the police arrive. “Can we please just let my daughter rest in peace,” she angrily tells Officer Holbrook when he begins to give her an update on the latest information. But that’s the opposite of what’s happening. The police were granted a judicial order to exhume the body.

Frazzled with the information, Mrs. DiLaurentis goes inside to find Hanna’s mom in Alison’s old room. Snapping at her employee, Hanna’s mom leaves – but not before discovering a bag of brand new clothes… presumably for Alison.

As the mystery surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis grows, Emily’s continuing to try and figure out the email address and phone number that Alison had hidden with her cash. But she becomes distracted after running into Jason.

Jason reveals that he’s been dodging everyone since returning from rehab because he has been trying to keep space between Spencer and his mother. The reasoning? He believes that Spencer has been messing with his family … again.

Emily asks him to explain, and Jason reveals that his mom thought Spencer was bullying Alison with the anonymous “A” notes the summer that she disappeared.

As Emily processes what Jason told her, the girls learn that Hanna volunteered them to participate in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ wedding charity event. Initially upset about Hanna’s decision, the girls change their mind when Hanna tells them about the bag her mom found.

Decked out in a wedding gown and veil, the girls do their best to sneakily find the bag of clothes and a possible address. But that doesn’t happen. Instead Spencer finally finds Jason and learns from Dean that the rehab Jason claimed to be at closed two years earlier. As if that wasn’t sketchy enough, she spots Mrs. DiLaurentis handing a suitcase to a figure in the woods – which leads Spencer to race through the woods in her wedding gown in order to find the mysterious person.

While Spencer’s in the woods, Aria’s having another heart-to-heart with her mom and learns that Zack proposed to her. But her joy over her mom’s happy news has to be put on the backburner when Hanna and Emily manage to get in contact with Alison – who tells them to meet them at an address in Philadelphia.

Episode 23 concluded with another special note from “A” to Spencer – this time hidden inside the corset of her gown with a set of skeleton fingers. “What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?” the note teased.

“Unbridled” also found Emily breaking up with Paige, and “A” calling the cops on CeCe … who has been secretly staying at the Red Finch Inn.