“Pretty Little Liars” fans are ready for 2014! On Tuesday, Jan. 7, the ABC Family series returns for season 4B, and the drama picks up with the girls focusing on the big reveal from the Halloween episode: Alison is alive.

Since the pilot episode, the Liars have been mourning the loss of their friend and trying to dig deeper into what happened that fateful summer night. Now that Alison has revealed herself to be alive, the girls are somehow left with more questions: Why did she pretend to die? Who is trying to hurt her? Who is buried in her grave?

With the questions piling up, the girls are more determined now than ever to get answers to the mystery plaguing Rosewood. And that’s how the midseason premiere -- “Who’s In The Box?” -- will begin.

According to a leaked synopsis, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer will try to put the pieces together now that they are “armed with the knowledge that Alison is alive.” It’s Hanna who comes up with the idea that “if they find out who is really buried in Ali’s grave, it may lead to much-needed answers.”

So, what does Hanna’s idea entail? Digging into other girls who fit Alison’s description who went missing around the same time. When Hanna comes across a girl who fits the description named Sara Harvey, she decides to reach out to Sara’s old friends.

“I said that we have some things in common and we should talk,” Hanna explained to Spencer and Emily in a sneak peek video from episode 14. “It could be like a support group thing.”

And while the meet-up with Sara’s friends could lead to some answers, Emily is not on board. The plot synopsis suggests she is having trouble “dealing with how she feels about Alison being alive.”

Could Emily be guilty of teaming up with Alison’s tormentor? Or is she just having trouble with old memories?

Unfortunately, Emily isn’t the only suspicious figure in town. Caleb returns to Rosewood and Hanna questions him about the events that occurred in Ravenswood. Meanwhile, Ezra, who was revealed to be “A” in the Halloween episode, sets up secret meetings with Mona and Aria.

Season 4B of “Pretty Little Liars” premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday, Jan. 7, at 8 p.m.

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