It’s “Pretty Little Liars” finale time! Season 4 of the hit ABC Family series is coming to a close, and fans are knee-deep in theories about episode 24, “A is for Answers.”

We’ve already talked about clues and the highly speculated “Alison Twin Theory,” and now we’re ready to dive into the “family drama.”

What “family drama,” you may ask? The parents of our five Liars have been very involved in the series from the start. From Alison blackmailing Byron Montgomery after discovering his affair with Meredith; to Ashley Marin’s money problems and (dropped) murder charges; to Peter Hastings' affair with Jessica DiLaurentis. The parents of Rosewood have almost been in as much trouble as their daughters. And as the past few episodes showed, Jessica DiLaurentis may be playing a bigger role in the whole “A” and Alison mystery than first suspected.

Over the past few weeks “Pretty Little Liars” fans have learned that Mrs. DiLaurentis had known that Alison was getting taunted by a mysterious bully named “A,” and that she had seen Spencer holding a shovel the night that Alison supposedly died. But Jessica never went to the cops, and instead made an arrangement with Spencer’s parents.

Ezra named Alison’s mother as a potential “A” suspect, and since then the four Liars have been on her trail. In episode 23 they discovered that Jessica had purchased brand new clothes (potentially for Alison) and handed them to an unknown figure in the woods. But the real shocker came during Mrs. DiLaurentis’ fashion charity show, when Spencer took off her bridle girdle to find skeleton fingers stitched into the inside.

Showrunner Marlene King dished to TV Line that Ali’s mom is “a part of what happened the night Ali went missing as well as the present-day story,” and some of the show’s stars appeared to confirm it.

In a game with E! News, Mona’s Janel Parrish revealed that, “There’s an apple in the episode. A relative buries Ali. An enemy send her out of town.”

Two of Parrish’s statements are true and one is a lie, and unfortunately we don’t know which is which … but we can speculate. Thanks to photos and a synopsis from the season finale, we know that the last two statements have potential to be true. Since the episode will feature a flashback to the night Alison disappeared, it’s definitely possible for “an enemy to send her out of town.”

As for the relative burying Ali alive? A photo reveals that Alison was definitely buried alive that fateful night … we just don’t know who did the dirty deed. Fans know that Mrs. Grunwald had managed to pull Ali from the ground and take her to the hospital, but that Alison had disappeared from the car when Mrs. Grunwald went inside for help. In a flashback from a recent episode, viewers discovered that Spencer may have been the one wielding the shovel that knocked her unconscious. But Spencer was on drugs that summer and the flashback may have been altered.

So, does that mean that Mrs. DiLaurentis buried her own daughter? According to a Wikia contributor on the “Pretty Little Liars” Wiki page … YES! The unnamed source claims to have received spoilers from a “really reliable source,” and that source claims that a flashback will reveal Ali’s mother burying her in the ground.

Janel Parrish isn’t the only one to tease some family drama in the Season 4 finale. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick also mentioned the possibility in E! News of a “Pretty Little Liars” game. “Your heart will stop. There’s a whole new definition of family in Rosewood. You’ll sleep calmly that night – you’ll have a good sleep after the episode,” teased Goldstick.

And if that wasn’t mysterious enough, executive producer Joseph Dougherty added that, “There’s a gun. There’s a chase. There’s a revelation about a parent.”

Do you think one of the Rosewood parents will play a major role in the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale? Episode 24, "A is for Answers," will air on ABC Family on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT. Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section, or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.