“Pretty Little Liars” fans better get ready for some answers! On Tuesday, Season 4 of the hit ABC Family series will come to a close, and viewers will finally learn what happened to Alison the night that she “died.”

Since the series has a history of spinning fans around in circles, many are uncertain about what drama will unfold in the season finale. But one crazy theory keeps popping up: Alison has a twin.

For the past four seasons the show has sprinkled numerous clues about a twin. From the Halloween specials that featured twin blonde girls, to Alison’s bedroom poster that has two faces on it, all signs seem to be pointing toward two girls!

The twin theory isn’t that far-fetched since in the “Pretty Little Liars” books Alison has a twin named Courtney. But one “Wikia contributor” on the “Pretty Little Liars” Wiki page claims to have spoilers indicating that it’s not Alison who has a twin … but her old friend, CeCe Drake.

For those unfamiliar with CeCe, she was introduced in Season 3 as Alison’s former best friend. The Liars managed to unmask CeCe as one of the evil Redcoats stalking them, as well as Detective Wilden’s murderer. Since then she has been on the run from the authorities.

This season fans uncovered that she was in the woods the night Alison “died,” and that she witnessed a fight between Spencer and Alison. But CeCe kept her mouth shut about it because Mrs. DiLaurentis paid her off.

So, how does CeCe’s twin come into play? Since Alison is definitely alive, we know that someone was buried in her place. From the first time that the Liars saw CeCe, they immediately mistook her for Alison. And Mrs. DiLaurentis has said before that CeCe and Alison used to “wear each other’s personalities.” Just last week Jason told Spencer that CeCe was wearing the same yellow shirt as Alison that September night … which means that it’s possible that someone wanting to kill Alison accidentally killed CeCe. Or CeCe could have been murdered by someone close to Alison in an attempt to help her go into hiding and keep her secret.

The Wikia contributor claims that CeCe’s twin sister, Courtney, is the leader of the “A” Team, and that CeCe, Courtney and Alison have all been donning red coats. On top of that, Courtney is also allegedly the “black widow” that was seen at Detective Wilden’s funeral.

But how accurate could this mysterious contributor be? The unidentified fan posted a list of spoilers on Feb. 19, and so far a good handful of them have come true. [Click HERE at your own risk to see the spoiler list.] “Pretty Little Liars” fans will have to wait for confirmation about the twin theory. The Season 4 finale, episode 24, will air on ABC Family on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT.

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