“Pretty Little Liars” dropped some major bombshells during its season 4 Halloween special, “Grave New World.” The episode left fans with dozens of questions, and unfortunately the ABC Family series isn’t returning until Jan. 7! The wait will be brutal, but we’ve got a spoiler roundup that will hopefully hold you over until the season 4B premiere.

The Hunt For Answers

Alison turning up alive was a HUGE deal for the liars. But even though Ali may have been revealed to be Red Coat, the girls still have a lot of questions.

“They’re on this whole new path of answering more questions,” Lucy Hale told E! Online. “They’ve already figured out certain things, and so now they’re just crossing off every question off the list. They’re girls on a mission now.”

What’s Next For Alison?

Alison may be alive, but it’s going to remain a secret … for now. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Oliver Goldstick explained that Ali is “not part of the group.”

“She’s in hiding and has reason to be on the run,” Goldstick dished. “Whoever tried to hurt her is still out there as well. This is huge, game-changing news for our girls, and the 4B direction changes for them now, obviously. It becomes, ‘Can we save her before her assailant gets to her?’”

Alison will definitely be featured more in season 4B, but fans shouldn’t expect her in every episode. “She will surface when she needs to be and when the heat is on,” continued the EP.

What’s Ezra’s Deal?

Ezra’s exposure as “A” was pretty shocking and had fans coming up with a lot of theories about his involvement. Unfortunately, there is no denying that he’s guilty. It was definitely him in the soldier costume during the Ravenswood party, and while the girls don’t know it now, they’ll soon catch on.

Viewers can look forward to seeing the Liars find an important piece of evidence during the season 4B premiere that will lead them on the path toward Ezra and his involvement with Alison that fateful summer.

Ezra And Aria

Were you one of the “Pretty Little Liars” fans thinking that Aria always gets off easy when it comes to “A?” Well prepare for some major Aria drama in the second half of season 4. The other girls will be figuring out that Ezra has a secret side to him, but Aria will have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the love of her life has been terrorizing her and her friends for years. Eventually Aria will figure out what Ezra has been up to, and it won’t end pretty.

“She will unravel,” Goldstick told E! Online. “She will come undone, and for good reason! I think it’s completely justified when she does.”

Lucy Hale hinted during an interview on “Good Morning America” and “Facebook Live” that Aria will be “restrained” at some point during the coming season. Aria will reportedly be so distraught in the scene that Hale said she actually lost her voice from screaming and crying while filming it.

Significant Others

Aria and Ezra won’t be the only relationship put in jeopardy. The Liars will be forced to keep Alison’s secret, which will put a strain on all their relationships. For Caleb and Hanna, it means temporarily saying goodbye (for “Ravenswood” reasons as well). Emily will struggle with lying to Paige. And Toby and Spencer have other things on their plate – like Toby continuing to investigate his mother’s death.