It looks like everyone is turning against Alison … even “Pretty Little Liars” fans! Since the start of the ABC Family series in 2010, viewers have been trying to figure out who “A” is – the mysterious person bent on making the lives of Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily miserable. But what if that unknown person has been under our noses the whole time? That was a theory that began to swirl during Season 5 episode 11 on Tuesday, Aug. 19.

At the beginning of episode 11, “No One Here Can Understand Me,” the girls were set to go to the police and tell them the truth about Alison’s “kidnapping” and New York. However a very public message from “A” made them change their minds: “We’re all in this together. Act normal, b____.”

The message flashed across TV screens inside a store window. But the threat wasn’t the only thing that “A” wanted to show them. Their tormentor also shared a video from Season 1 of Alison leaving Hanna’s hospital room after the teen got hit by a car.

The girls immediately panicked. But the panic led Hanna to share an interesting theory: Could “A” actually be Alison? It’s not too unbelievable:

Keeping Quiet

Why would “A” care about the girls exposing their dirty little secrets to the police? If anyone would want them to keep quiet, it would be Alison. Their troubled blonde friend has told them in the past that they’re “in this together” after they accidentally caused an explosion in Toby and Jenna’s garage. She could be resorting to old tactics to keep them from going to the police with the truth.

Ali’s Mysterious Disappearance … Part 2

Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily were treated to a nice break from Alison when her dad took her out of town in episode 11 of “Pretty Little Liars.” But how was Alison able to leave with her father? “A” previously said that Alison couldn’t leave town which is why she had to stay with Hanna and Emily. So, what has changed since then? The girls theorized that perhaps Alison struck up a deal with “A” … or perhaps just changed the rules she created.

Bethany Young’s Clothes

Melissa finally admitted the truth to Spencer about the night that Alison disappeared. She revealed that Spencer had been arguing with Alison and had a shovel in her hand, two things that Spencer already knew. However Melissa provided a new piece of information – She found a body on the ground wearing the same clothes that Alison had been wearing that night.

The face on the body was hidden, and Melissa believed that Spencer was behind the death so she chose to bury the girl. She didn’t realize until later that the girl had been still alive, and that it wasn’t Alison.

With this new knowledge, the girls realized someone had gave Bethany Young, the girl buried, another set of Alison’s clothes. That could potentially mean that it was always someone’s idea that Bethany took Alison’s place – like perhaps Alison herself.

Alison And Cyrus

The girls already had their doubts about Alison, but they were still surprised when Emily and Ezra dug up a photo of her with Cyrus Petrillo – her “kidnapper” that she claimed not to know. The photo was taken at an ATMm machine, leading the girls to speculate that Alison had been plotting with Cyrus the entire time.

Slip Of The Tongue

Emily Spencer and Aria were discussing their latest findings when Emily experienced a pretty big slip of the tongue. When talking about the photo of Alison outside Hanna’s hospital room, Emily accidentally referred to Alison as “A.” Could her subconscious be trying to tell her something?

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