WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” season finale promised that “A is for Answers,” and while episode 24 did fill in a lot of holes, it also left fans with about a dozen more questions. And there is one character that the questions seem to be hovering around: Alison’s mom, Mrs. Jessica DiLaurentis.

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“A” remained unidentified at the end of the episode, but the girls managed to narrow down the list. And fortunately for Mrs. DiLaurentis, she was removed as an “A” suspect. But that doesn’t mean she’s innocent. Alison revealed that her mother was covering for the person who hit her over the head, going as far as to bury Alison … alive.

It turns out that Mrs. DiLaurentis watched horrified from the window as the unidentified person took a rock to Alison’s head. Knocked unconscious from the blow, Alison began to wake and discovered her mother hysterical and throwing dirt on top of her. “Oh, what have you done?” Mrs. DiLaurentis repeatedly cried out as she buried her daughter. And despite Alison’s attempts to call out to her mom, she couldn’t get her mouth or limbs to work.

Who was Alison’s mom covering up for? Fans have a whole slew of theories ranging from Jason, a daughter viewer’ never knew Mrs. DiLaurentis had, and even a twin for Mrs. DiLaurentis herself.

But fans may have missed one crazy clue: clothing.

In episode 23 Hanna’s mom discovered brand new clothes in Alison’s room. At the time Mrs. DiLaurentis practically clawed out Officer Holbrook’s eyes when he suggested that Alison might be alive – which means that she didn’t buy the clothing for Alison. By the end of the episode viewers saw Mrs. DiLaurentis passing the clothes off to someone in the woods. And despite Spencer’s best efforts to catch up to that person, she ended up empty handed. But that might not have been the last we saw of those clothing … because it looks like CeCe showed up to the police station wearing the same top!

What does that mean? That Mrs. DiLaurentis has been helping a fugitive – and potentially working with her as “A.”

This may not have been the first time that we saw Mrs. DiLaurentis purchase clothes. When Alison told the girls about the night she disappeared, the scene showed a shopping bag on her bed. “Great color for you – Mom,” read the note that accompanied the infamous yellow top Alison wore when she “died.”

Since “A” writes in all caps, it’s unclear if the handwriting from Alison’s mother matches “A.” But the shopping bags in both episode 23 and the episode 24 flashback reveal that the shirts came from the same store.

Fans will also remember that Jason previously revealed that CeCe was wearing the same or a similar yellow shirt as Alison the night she disappeared because he confused her for his sister.

Does this mean that Jason intended to kill CeCe, but accidentally “killed” Alison? It would explain why Mrs. DiLaurentis was helping cover up Alison’s murder.

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