The Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” left fans with the ultimate whodunit. Alison finally revealed what happened to her the night that she "died" or went missing, but the Liars have no idea who the hooded person is behind her attack. Fans have their own theories.

For those who don’t remember, Alison explained that she had snuck out of the house that night to run some errands. Those errands included drugging her friends and blackmailing a handful of Rosewood locals (like Byron, Jenna and Ian) in the hope that whoever “A” was would stop bullying her. Alison didn’t get a text that night, leading her to believe that she had succeeded in silencing her tormentor. But when Alison got back to her house she was struck on the head from behind, knocking her unconscious.

Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna learned that Alison’s mom had not only seen the incident occur – but also assisted the perpetrator in burying her daughter’s body. Alison told them that she tried to call out to her mother as she was being buried alive, but couldn’t get the words to come out. All she could do was listen to her mom hysterically cry out repeatedly: “Oh, what have you done.”

Although the Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” gave fans a lot of answers. It also left them with a huge one: Who is Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting?

The easy solution would be for the girls to confront Alison’s mother when Season 5 premieres June 10. But the final moment in the episode showed Mrs. D in her own grave, getting buried by a mysterious figure.

Since fans can’t wait to find out the truth, many have begun to post their theories and speculation online – and one big theory is that Mrs. DiLaurentis was covering up for Alison’s brother, Jason.


As “Pretty Little Liars” fans know, Jason and Alison never had the best relationship when she was “alive.” Alison’s constant manipulation and blackmail led her older brother to strongly distrust her. As if that wasn’t motive enough, Jason also has a history with substance abuse.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans will remember that the series previously touched on the fact that Jason was in a secret high school club with Ian and Garrett – two characters who have since been murdered. The group would drink alcohol and smoke pot, leaving Jason’s mind in a hazy and unreliable state the summer that Alison disappeared.

Jason ended up going to rehab and returned to Rosewood to mentor kids with substance abuse. But he went missing in Season 4, leading Mrs. DiLaurentis to reveal that he relapsed. The story seemed plausible … until Spencer uncovered that the drug facility he claimed to attend had shut down years ago.

Bad Breakup

“Pretty Little Liars” fans might forget that Jason was also in a relationship the summer that Alison went missing. Alison’s brother had been dating her good friend (and mischievous accomplice) CeCe for about a year. But CeCe broke up with him the day after Alison’s body was uncovered.

The combination of drugs and a breakup leads us to believe that Jason may have tried to kill Alison … but it was all due to a case of mistaken identity!

Stories told over the past few seasons make it clear that Alison and CeCe enjoyed playing games. The pair would dress up as each other, and manipulate others.

Alison revealed during the Season 4 finale that she had been hanging out around Hollis with CeCe because CeCe was hooking up with some of the college kids. If this is true, that means that CeCe had been cheating on Jason. If Jason found out, the drugs and alcohol in his system could have led him to black out and try to attack CeCe. Since CeCe was supposedly wearing the same or a similar yellow shirt as Alison that night, it’s possible that he could have tried to kill CeCe … but ended up hitting his sister.

Jason “murdering” Alison by accident is simply a theory – but it might explain why Mrs. DiLaurentis would help cover up her daughter’s death. Unfortunately the theory also has quite a few holes in it, like:

-Why is someone still trying to kill Alison?

-How was CeCe on the “A” team?

-Does “A” have an accomplice?

Hopefully the mystery surrounding Alison’s “killer” will be resolved when Season 5 returns to ABC Family on June 10. Who do you think tried to kill Alison? Let us know your theories in the comments section.