“Pretty Little Liars” fans may have a new war on their hands … and it has nothing to do with “A!"

In Season 4 viewers bid adieu to Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb as he moved onto the ABC Family spinoff series, “Ravenswood.” While the two shows featured a few crossover episodes, Caleb ended up breaking up with Hanna in an effort to protect her from the curse plaguing Ravenswood. Unfortunately for Blackburn, the real curse was joining the spinoff series, because after 10 episodes “Ravenswood” was canceled (without a proper ending!). The good news is that Blackburn will reprise his role as Caleb on “Pretty Little Liars” … but the bad news for “Haleb” shippers is that Hanna has already moved on.

The “Pretty Little Liars” Facebook page was teasing fans on Tuesday by posting pieces of a photo – first a mouth, then an eye -- to promote a “special ‘PLL’ announcement.” And in an episode of ABC Family’s “Behind The Curtain,” the big secret was finally revealed by Blackburn himself:

“Hey ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans, Tyler here, and I’ve got some big news. I’m heading back to Rosewood, and I will be back this summer on ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ So thank you so much for all of your support. I love you guys.”

Blackburn didn’t reveal any more information about his return, but “Pretty Little Liars” executive producer Oliver Goldstick did give fans a little hint to hold them over until Season 5. “I can tell you it’s a lovely reunion,” he said. He wouldn’t say any more, claiming that it was “too premature” to discuss because the writers are only up to episode 4 in the upcoming season.

We don’t doubt that Hanna and her fellow Liars will be ecstatic to see Caleb back in town. But it could be bad news for #Tranna (or #Havis) shippers.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans have watched Hanna struggle not only with her breakup with Caleb, but also with diving back into the dating pool. Finally going out on a date with Travis, Hanna botched it by texting her friends throughout their dinner and then leaving to help them with some dire “A” issue. But as of episode 23 it finally seems Hanna found her groove. Apologizing to Travis and asking for a redo date that weekend, Hanna was shut down when he told her he already had plans. The plans turned out to be legit because Hanna found him working as a valet at Mrs. DiLaurentis’ charity fashion show. Enlisting his help in keeping Mrs. DiLaurentis at bay while she dug through Alison’s room for clues, Travis ended up pulling Hanna in for a steamy kiss … while she was decked out in a wedding dress and veil!

With their relationship developing the week before the Season 4 finale, “Pretty Little Liars” viewers are assuming that their romance will carry over into Season 5. But the ABC Family series is known for crazy twists … which means that fans should probably be worried about Travis being thrown under the “A” bus.

The Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars will air on ABC Family next Tuesday with Season 5 premiering June 10. Who would you like to see Hanna end up with? Take our poll and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.