Dying to know who “A” is on “Pretty Little Liars”? Join the club! The question has been plaguing fans since the first episode of the ABC Family show aired in 2010. Now in its fifth season, viewers still don’t know who “A” is – however creator and executive producer Marlene King revealed that the answer is closer than ever before.

On Sept. 5 a fan took to Twitter to ask King how long before “A’s” identity would be revealed. Marlene King responded to the impatient fan, tweeting the following message:

King’s Twitter followers immediately began freaking out over the simple response, begging the creator to confirm if “A” would be unmasked (or un-hooded) by the end of Season 5B. But unfortunately Marlene King wouldn’t give any more details.

When we last left off, fans and the Liars themselves were suspecting Alison to be behind “A.” However Alison’s far from the first person to be accused of being their torturer. Check out a breakdown of all the innocent (or at least semi-innocent) people that have been suspected of being the person behind “A”:



Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna have been suspicious of Alison ever since she returned to Rosewood at the start of Season 5.  The teens figured out that something was up with Alison’s lies and shady outings, and all signs seemed to point towards their friend being enemy number one.

The Season 5 summer finale finally put some more clues together. Mona discovered that Alison knew about her mother’s affair with Bethany’s father and lured Bethany to Rosewood because she was jealous … and wanted the girl dead. But unfortunately Mona never got the chance to bring the news to the police – because “A” got to her first and murdered her.

Alison was standing outside Mona’s house when the police came to the crime scene – could she have possibly had enough time to hide the body and return gawk? Does Alison have little “A” helpers? Or is the teen simply an evil girl, but not the demented “A”?


Mona was identified as “A” – but someone stole the game from her. In Season 2 Mona was admitted to Radley after the girls figured out that it was her who had been torturing them all this time. Her twisted ways were blamed on extreme intelligence and split personality disorder. However “A’s” taunting didn’t stop when Mona got locked up. Someone visited her during the end credits of the episode, and it was later revealed that while Mona was taking some time off, someone else had picked up where she left off.


Ezra was looking pretty guilty for awhile when he followed the girls to Ravenswood and was revealed to have numerous secret lairs filled with equipment. Fortunately there was a simple explanation for all his shady behavior – he was simply trying to write a book about Alison’s disappearance!

The high school teacher initially grew close to Aria and her friends in order to get an inside look at Alison’s life for a true-life crime novel he was writing. When he fell for Aria he gave it all up and instead was trying to use the information to help them find “A.”

Mrs. DiLaurentis

Thanks to Ezra’s surveillance footage, he seemed pretty confident that “A” was none other than Alison’s mother, Jessica DiLaurentis. While Mr. DiLaurentis was involved in some suspicious acts with CeCe and covering up Alison’s death, her murder at the end of Season 4 cleared her name of all “A” charges.


The Liars started Season 5 believing that they had a fresh start with Shana out of the picture. But as “Pretty Little Liars” viewers know that wasn’t the case. Shana attacked the girls in the Season 4 finale, admitting to a whole slew of crimes. However she never downright called herself “A.” The girls had a short break, but the messages from their tormentor picked up again after Shana’s death.

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