“Pretty Little Liars” followed through on its “Summer of Answers” tagline Tuesday by revealing the identity of Charles DiLaurentis. But was Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) father telling the truth? Something appears very fishy.

In Season 2, episode 20, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) found out that her dad, Peter Hastings (Nolan North), had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) and is Jason DiLaurentis’ (Drew Van Acker) father. After sitting down with her half-brother, Jason revealed he had found letters in Alison’s room from Spencer’s dad to his mom. Some of those were love letters, but after Jason was born, the letters’ tone changed. In the box of letters were also three envelopes -- each with $5,000 inside. Spencer speculated that Alison blackmailed her father to keep quiet.

Spencer eventually spoke to her dad, who told her the “whole story.” According to Peter, Kenneth (Jim Abele) and Jessica DiLaurentis had an apartment in Boston, right next to where Mrs. Hastings was living while getting her diploma. He had an affair with Jessica during that time, which is how she allegedly got pregnant with Jason.

Shortly afterward, Kenneth and Jessica moved to Atlanta. Mr. Hastings said that Spencer was 5 years old when the DiLaurentis family moved next to them in Rosewood. He claimed he never asked Jessica why the family moved to Rosewood because “I was afraid she might tell me.”

That story sounded good at the time. However, it doesn’t match what Kenneth told Alison and Jason about Charles in episode 4 of Season 6. According to Kenneth, Jason was born 15 months after Charles, but the young boy was “troubled.” Around Alison’s first birthday, Charles attempted to drown his baby sister. Kenneth revealed he found Alison in a bathtub filled with scalding-hot water -- and Charles was just standing there, watching. Fearing their son was a danger to their other children, Kenneth and Jessica institutionalized Charles at Radley Sanitarium. Kenneth claimed they didn’t tell anyone about Charles, but moved to Rosewood to be closer to him. He purportedly overdosed on pills when he was 16 years old.

If Kenneth is telling the truth, then Spencer’s dad should have known about Charles because he would have been born at the time he was having an affair with Jessica. One theory could be that Peter Hastings is actually the father of Charles, not Jason.

But another odd thing is that the ages don’t match up. Peter said Spencer was 5 years old when the DiLaurentis family moved to town. However, Kenneth said they moved shortly after Alison’s first birthday. Spencer and Alison are supposed to be the same age.

Is Kenneth lying? Is Peter lying? Or could this possibly be a continuity error? Hopefully, more answers will come by the end of Season 6.

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