“Pretty Little Liars” fans finally learned the truth about “Charles DiLaurentis” in episode 4 of Season 6 … or did they?

Episode 4, titled “Don’t Look Now,” unveiled everything that Mr. DiLaurentis claims to know about Charles. He was born 15 months before Jason (Drew Van Acker), and was “trouble” at an early age. When Alison (Sasha Pieterse) turned 1, the family knew he was too dangerous to stay … so they institutionalized him to Radley. Shortly after the entire DiLaurentis family moved to Rosewood in order to be closer to Charles.

Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are certain that Charles is the one that kidnapped them. However, Alison reveals that there is more to the story. Charles committed suicide at 16 years old. He overdosed on pills and never left Radley. But with all the other secrets, can Mr. DiLaurentis' word be trusted? The Liars aren’t so sure – especially because the body was cremated.

“No body, no proof,” Hanna tells Alison. But the teen believes her dad.

Aria’s not so certain, and does some digging online to try to find any information on Charles. When no results pop up, Spencer decides to do some investigating on her own. She finds out that a data center has all the old files from Radley – but they’re going to shred them soon.

With no time to lose, the Liars sneak into the data center to find Charles’ Radley file. They discover paperwork from age 13 to 16, but nothing on his death. However they do see that two people visited him frequently … Mrs. DiLaurentis and a woman named Carol Ward.

Emily reveals that Carol is Alison’s great aunt. The others want to question her about Charles, but Emily drops another bombshell -- Carol died when they were in 10th grade.

Alison continues to grill her dad about Charles and finds out that Mrs. DiLaurentis scattered his ashes on the lake. Mr. DiLaurentis was not there though. Meanwhile, Jason has some more insight that could lead to clues. He confesses to his sister that he went to Carol’s house right after his accident in the elevator, but someone was at the house – their mom. Mrs. DiLaurentis was doing some gardening when he showed up, and claimed that she wanted to keep the house. When he announced that he was going to stay there for a couple days she immediately said no, saying that there was no water inside the house.

Believing that Charles could have been staying at Carol’s house, Hanna and Spencer follow Alison and Jason. Unfortunately no one was staying there … but they did find Charles’ grave in the backyard. Hanna doubts the legitimacy of the grave, but Jason argues that the vine growth around the gravestone proves that it’s been there for a while.

The new theory based on the grave? That “A” is assuming Charles’ identity. And that means that the person must be someone that Charles knew while at Radley.

But that wasn’t even the biggest jaw dropper of the episode. Mr. DiLaurentis revealed exactly what forced them to lock Charles up – he tried to kill Alison when she was just 11 months old.

According to Mr. DiLaurentis, he had put Alison down for a nap before going outside to turn on the grill. When he came back inside he heard screaming and found Alison in the bathtub. The water was on and scalding hot, and Charles was watching.

Episode 4 wasn’t just a big episode for learning about Charles. The Liars also had significant moments:


Spencer had flashbacks to the dollhouse of her covered in blood. She believes that she hurt someone, but is not sure who. Since she can’t sleep, she gets weed cookies from Ezra’s (Ian Harding) new baker.


Aria continued to focus on her photography, but “A” was also interested in her extra curricular activity. “A” somehow manages to sneak into the darkroom before her and leave her a “note.”

“You’re my doll, b**** -- A,” read the note on a bottle of hair dye.

The note triggered a flashback for Aria to the dollhouse. While locked up, “A” wanted Aria to put pink dye in her hair. When Aria wouldn’t do it, “A” chopped off her hair – hence the short hair cut.


Since returning home, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) has become Hanna’s shadow. And while she initialy found comfort in him hanging around, it ultimately became stifling for her. She told him she needed space.


Emily and Sarah (Dre Davis) continued to bond in episode 4. Although Sarah is still struggling after getting released from the dollhouse, Emily’s making it her personal mission to help her return to normal. She brought the teen to the pool … but “A” is watching.