Rosewood is the only place where love can bloom right alongside the dead. Episode 17 of "Pretty Little Liars" revealed even more about the night of Charlotte’s (Vanessa Ray) murder. And this week the new “A” got Alison (Sasha Pieterse) involved in the twisted mind games.

After their discovery in Sara’s (Dre Davis) hotel room in episode 16, Emily (Shay Mitchell) is bent on showing Alison that Sara is no friend of hers. Emily and Hanna break into the room to reveal the hole in the closet to Alison, but the hole is gone. That’s right, Sara somehow managed to patch it up without leaving a trace. Alison doesn’t understand what’s going on. However, there is no time to try to expose any more secrets about Sara. A maid enters the room, forcing the girls to hide in the closet until they can sneak out. It looks like Sara won this round — except the maid isn’t really a maid. Like the hotel worker a couple of weeks ago, the maid was wearing a mask.

Who is the person in disguise? And is it the same person sending them text messages? It’s not clear, but right now the girls are a small step ahead on their tormentor.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) reveals to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that he was able to get rid of the file containing her mom, Veronica’s (Lesley Fera), medical information. That means her opponent will not have the opportunity to leak it to the media. But Spencer still thinks that her mom needs to come clean. The catch is that she first has to tell her that she knows about the cancer returning. And that’s not the only drama going on in the Hastings household. Spencer’s still torn about Melissa’s (Torrey DeVitto) broken suitcase.

Could Melissa have killed Charlotte with the broken piece from her luggage? Emily fully believes it, but Spencer’s very defensive about her sister. Spencer and Melissa have never been that close, however, something like this could ruin her mom’s campaign.

Worried about her mom, Spencer decides to tell her she knows about her diagnosis. Vanessa’s shocked that Spencer found out, but reassures her daughter that she’s going to be fine. She got a clean bill of health from her doctor and they supported her bid for office. Spencer’s still nervous though. She encourages her mom to tell the public about the campaign or risk getting blindsided later.

Across town Hanna (Ashley Benson) is helping Aria’s (Lucy Hale) mom with her wedding. But Aria’s mom wants to talk about Hanna’s wedding. Right now that’s off the table, though. Hanna still hasn’t set a date and isn’t interested in talking about why. To top it off, she keeps dodging Jordan’s (David Coussins) phone calls. Is she getting cold feet about marrying her fiancé? Or does it have something to do with Caleb?

Hanna’s not the only one with relationship problems. Despite Charlotte’s death, Alison has been on cloud nine with Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins). However, the new “A” has information that might shake up that happy union.

“Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night?” the new “A” texts. “I do.”

Alison’s horrified, but decides to come clean to Dr. Rollins about the night of Charlotte’s death. She reveals they stayed up late talking, which is when she told her sister about her relationship with her doctor. Charlotte felt betrayed by the new information, and that’s the reason she left the house. Alison feels guilty, but Dr. Rollins tries to take the blame. He tells her that Charlotte was probably angry with him. Alison doesn’t fully believe it.

Elsewhere, Aria also has to deliver some news. In the middle of helping her parents with their wedding, Aria has to tell Ezra (Ian Harding) that she started writing a couple chapters of his book. Surprisingly, Ezra’s not mad. He appreciates that she was trying to protect him and doesn’t want her to tell her boss.

Aria certainly dodged a bullet with Ezra, but she’s not out of the clear just yet. Ezra “accidentally” lets it slip to Liam (Roberto Aguire) that he used to be romantically involved with Aria. Liam had no clue, and is definitely not happy to hear it.

The other girls aren’t making out any better. New “A” is sending Emily taunting messages about her frozen eggs. Emily receives a package in the mail containing a book about what to name your baby. The package also includes a note that threatens Emily, telling her they'll start talking about Charlotte’s murderer before the baby does. Emily goes out with a reporter named Damian (Blake Berris) to try to get some information about Melissa. She finds out that Melissa was in town the night of Charlotte’s murder, which means she could have played a part in it.

Pretty Little LIars Emily (Shay Mitchell) got some information from Damian (Blake Berris) in episode 17 of "Pretty Little Liars." Photo: Freeform

She heads to the diner on the outskirts of town where the phone call to Charlotte was made. She’s ready to do more investigating but finds that the place is closed. That doesn’t mean that Emily is alone, though. A truck turns on its lights and races toward Emily, sending her running. She desperately tries to make a call for help, but the truck runs over her phone. With nowhere else to go, Emily climbs on top of a storage unit. On top is a long, hollow piece of metal with a rectangle cut out. Could that be the murder weapon? It looks like it, and the mysterious person driving the truck gets their hands on it when Emily drops it.

While Emily was facing danger, Spencer was watching her mother come clean about her cancer diagnosis during a press conference. She and Caleb are proud, and finally think that they’ve won. But Hanna comes in with bad news. She tells them she thinks Melissa could have killed Charlotte.

A flashback reveals that Hanna ran into Melissa in a London bathroom during London Fashion Week. Melissa was a plus one for a friend, but she wasn’t being good company. Wren (Julian Morris) had dumped her — and Charlotte was the reason why. Turns out that Charlotte had used her phone privileges to call Wren to tell him about Melissa’s involvement in the death of Bethany Young. Melissa was worried that Charlotte would tell more people, and told Hanna that she should be scared about what Charlotte plans to use against her.

Is this enough information to pin the murder on Melissa? It doesn't help that she lied to Caleb about what day she got back to town. Spencer doesn’t know what to do with this information. And unfortunately, there are other things to worry about than Melissa’s potential involvement in Charlotte’s death.

Veronica reveals that someone within the camp leaked information about the opposition while she was holding her press conference. The information was that Yvonne (Kara Royster) got rid of an unwanted pregnancy while she was in high school. Since Yvonne’s mom is running on a pro-life campaign, this is a heavy blow. But who did it? An investigation reveals that it came from Spencer’s laptop.

Spencer tries to tell her mom that she had no involvement in the leak of information and that she didn’t even have her laptop on her during the press conference. Veronica doesn’t believe her and Caleb decides to take the fall. She fires him from the campaign and kicks him out of the house. Spencer knows that he didn’t do it, and now it’s up to him who find out who did.

Episode 17 of “Pretty Little Liars” ends with Aria marrying her parents in a romantic ceremony in the backyard. She got officiated online when her dad revealed that her brother Mike (Cody Christian) wasn’t coming home for the wedding. Afterward, Liam shows up to apologize, and the two get back on track.

The wedding also encourages Hanna to set a date. She calls up Jordan and leaves a voicemail asking how May 17 sounds for the big day.

But the big jaw dropper of the evening involves Alison and Dr. Rollins showing up on Aria’s doorstep. Earlier Dr. Rollins confessed that he was in love with Alison and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The two decided to waste no time. They went to Aria’s to ask her to marry them right then and there.

Will Aria marry Alison and Dr. Rollins? The episode ended on a cliff-hanger, but a cut to the new “A” revealed that the mysterious person was at Aria’s parents’ wedding.

Pretty Little Liars Aria (Lucy Hale) married her mom and dad in episode 17 of "Pretty Little Liars" — and new "A" may have been there. Photo: Freeform