Don't bother trying to keep a secret in Rosewood. Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) discovered that nothing is safe in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6, episode 16.

The latest installment of the Freeform series, titled “Where Somebody Waits For Me,” kicks off where viewers last left off in episode 15. Spencer and Aria are exploring the secret room behind Sara’s (Dre Davis) wall where they find odd switches and a hole leading outside of the hotel. They figure out that Sara’s been using that secret hallway to sneak in and out of the hotel without being caught on the cameras. But why? Spencer and Aria immediately suspect that it’s because she’s the one that’s been stalking them.

Spencer returns home to tell Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) what she’s discovered. But Caleb has bigger news. He also found something. While he was searching Yvonne’s (Kara Royster) cellphone he came across medical records belonging to Spencer’s mom — and the records reveal that she’s sick.

Spencer immediately goes into defense mode, telling Caleb that her mom was sick years ago and that this is an invasion of privacy and completely illegal (despite the fact that she stole Yvonne’s phone). But Spencer’s not looking at the bigger picture. Caleb reveals that the medical records are not from a while ago; they’re from eight months ago. The opponent’s campaign has plans of leaking her records, and Spencer’s mom never told her she was sick.

Spencer’s not the only one in shock. Lt. Tanner (Roma Maffia) visits Alison (Sasha Pieterse) to reveal that Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) fought back and that a hollow metal object with a rectangle at the end is the murder weapon. Alison has no idea who could have killed her sister, but Tanner reveals that the killer may have called the house phone from the Two Crows Restaurant. Alison and Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) both claim that a call never came in. However, Tanner confirms that the call was answered and that the person stayed on the line for three minutes.

Elsewhere, Spencer and Aria meet up with Emily to tell her about what they discovered at The Radley Hotel. Emily thinks that they should tell Alison, but Aria says they should go straight to the police. Aria becomes distracted when she spots her boyfriend from Boston, Liam (Roberto Aguire). He’s in town to talk about Ezra (Ian Harding) and his book — something that Aria’s not that thrilled to hear.

As Aria talks to Liam, Spencer leaves to talk to her mom. However, she can’t bring herself to ask her about her illness. Meanwhile, Emily learns some bad news. The freezer in the medical center holding her donated eggs failed last night. Her eggs, along with 30 others were lost when all the power was cut. She knows that the new “A” is behind this.

Hanna races home after learning of everything that’s happened, but the shenanigans in Rosewood are weighing down on her relationship with Jordan (David Coussins). She’s beginning to stress like the old days, and Jordan’s afraid that she’s becoming paranoid.

It’s easy to slip into old habits though. Spencer feels the same way when she goes to see Mona (Janel Parrish). She figures out that Mona told Yvonne to leave her phone behind to set a trap for Spencer. She wanted Yvonne to know that Spencer would turn in an instant and steal her phone. Mona was right, but she didn’t end up telling Yvonne that Spencer stole her phone. That’s because Mona had an ulterior motive. She knew that the campaign was going to leak the medical documents and she didn’t think it was right. Mona wanted Spencer to be able to warn her mom. But she didn’t count on Spencer not knowing.

Spencer doesn’t know what to think. She confesses everything to Caleb, who warns her that Mona could be back to her old ways. However, he won’t let Spencer slip back into bad habits. He refuses to delete the files when she asks him to. But is Caleb guilty of slipping? Hanna texts him to ask him out for a drink — and he accepts.

A flashback to Hanna and Caleb years ago in New York City reveals that the two drifted apart. Caleb just wanted to be with Hanna, but he couldn’t handle her job in the fashion industry. The two couldn’t get on the same page.

Despite meeting up with Hanna to talk about their latest stalker, Caleb seems fully committed to his relationship with Spencer now. He even goes as far as to confront Mona about her stunt involving Spencer’s mom. Caleb warns Mona and all the other “little Mona’s” in her head that he will personally take her apart if he finds out that she’s messing with his girl. But Mona’s not intimidated by Caleb. She asks him who kisses better — Hanna, Spencer or her.

Other secrets are unraveling in Rosewood. Liam reads the second chapter of Ezra’s book and figures out that Ezra didn’t write it — Aria did. He thinks it’s terrific writing, but it’s a huge issue that she’s pretending to be Ezra. Since no one can get in touch with Ezra, Liam tells Aria to finish writing the next chapter and see where it goes from there.

Pretty Little Liars Aria's (Lucy Hale, pictured) secret about ghostwriting Ezra's (Ian Harding) book was revealed in episode 16 of "Pretty Little Liars." Photo: Freeform

But Aria may have got herself into a bit of a bind. Ezra returns shortly after she starts writing the next chapter. In a surprising move, Ezra actually apologizes for leaving. He reveals that the reason why he wouldn’t tell her about where he went that night was because he saw her parents and they asked him not to reveal that they were together. He realized he was wrong when he thought back to all the times he lied to her. As for Aria believing that he killed Charlotte? Ezra says that he feels honored that she would think he would kill for her.

The icing on the cake is that Ezra completed the next three chapters of the book. And the best part is that Aria never told him that she started writing the book when he disappeared. How will he take the news? “Pretty Little Liars” fans will have to wait another week to find out.

Other highlights from episode 16 of “Pretty Little Liars”:

  • Alison reveals that she’s been secretly seeing Dr. Rollins. They’ve been hiding their relationship because Dr. Rollins was her sister’s doctor. However, she’s ready to go public with their romance now.
  • Spencer’s mom asks her to get a luggage tag off of Melissa’s (Torrey DeVitto) suitcase. When Spencer goes to grab it she discovers that the suitcase is broken — it’s missing a piece identical to the one that Alison described as the murder weapon.
  • The new “A” cleans up the old creepy looking switches in the basement of The Radley Hotel and gets them in working order again. But what do they do?