We’ve got good news and bad news depending on who you’re shipping on “Pretty Little Liars.”

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Friday that actress Lindsey Shaw will be reprising her role as Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) love interest, Paige, in Season 7 of the hit Freeform series. This news comes a few months after show creator Marlene King told a fan on Twitter that Paige would be returning to Rosewood in the future. This is big news considering that the character hasn’t been seen on screen since Season 5.

For those that don’t remember how Emily and Paige left off, Paige broke the news to her girlfriend that her parents were forcing her to leave Rosewood. They didn’t think that the town was safe for their daughter anymore and decided to move to California. Emily tried to convince Paige to stay, but the teen departed in episode 14 of Season 5, telling her girlfriend that she was tired of all the drama in Rosewood.

The two tried the long-distance thing, but that didn’t work out. Paige ultimately revealed that she needed some space and ended the relationship.

So far the only confirmed details about the return of Paige is that Shaw will make her first appearance in episode 8. She’s slated to be featured in a couple of episodes during the first half of Season 7.

What does this mean for Emily? That’s a great question!

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty previously said that the “door is open” for Paige and Emily, or “Paily,” as shippers call them.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen for Emily and Paige, which is why when I wrote them parting in the airport, I wrote it the way I did,” Dougherty told MTV News in February 2015. “Paige very specifically says, ‘No, it’s not fair, but it is what’s supposed to happen to us right now.’ I wanted to leave the door open.”

Emily is certainly single heading into Season 7. But is a relationship with Paige in the cards? Fans rooting for Emily to end up with Alison (Sasha Pieterse) are hoping that’s not the case.

“Emison” shippers received a treat in early May when actress Shay Mitchell took to Instagram to share a photo with Pieterse. Although it wasn’t clear if the two were in character on set, or simply just posing for the camera, the caption sparked hope for fans. “Wait on it … #Emison,” she wrote.

The post came a few months after the Season 6 finale revealed that Alison’s new husband, Elliott (Huw Collins), was working with her dead mother’s estranged twin, Mary (Andrea Parker). The two orchestrated a plan to get Alison to check into a mental institute so that they could take control over the Carissimi Group. Emily watched as her first love signed the paperwork and was led away.

Will Alison find out about Elliott’s betrayal? Will she turn to Emily for comfort? Or will the return of Paige put a strain on that blossoming relationship? “Pretty Little Liars” fans will just have to tune in for the Season 7 premiere on Freeform on June 21.