According to police reports sent to Buckingham Palace on Monday, heir to the throne Prince Charles and wife Camilla were among the lineup of targets of phone hacking by the News of the World.

Police records show that about 10 members, including the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, were notified of being possible victims of voicemail hacking done by the recently exterminated newspaper, as reported by the Guardian.

Reposts by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) confirm that the News of the World bribed a security guard in the Palace to supply the private phone numbers for the royal household. Upon obtaining these phone numbers, the newspaper's staff hacker, Glenn Mulcaire, hacked into the voicemails.

Only five of the royal victims, including Prince William and Prince Harry and three staff members, have been identified and mentioned in the trial in January 2007. The rest of the 10 people, eight of which warned back in 2006, are most likely members of the royal family whose names have not been disclosed as a strategy to alleviate publicity.

Following the closure of the London tabloid newspaper last Thursday, the phone hacking scandal led by the News of the World continues to accumulate victims as more information requested last year under the Freedom of Information Act surfaces. The evidence of hacking Prince Charles and Camille was found in the 11,000 pages of notes written by Mulcaire, which had been apprehended back in 2006.